Support for victims of forest fire in California hometown of ‘Snoopy’

Release of the “Snoopy” Charity T-shirt as a mountain fire victim support project

Sony Creative Products, in the name of Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California and  operates a branch of “Snoopy Museum” in Roppongi, Tokyo are now sold the “Snoopy” Charity T-shirt on December 14th.



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Japan Official Fans of 「PEANUTS」has launched!

For the membership benefits are “Kisekae Snoopy” and “Choose! Member Card”

On September 25th, Sony Creative Products a licensing program of “PEANUTS” (hereinafter “peanut”) to be a Japanese domestic agent of Peanuts Worldwide LLC USA, an official fan club licensed in Japan by uses Sony Music Marketing will be launching as a licensee of “PEANUTS FRIENDS CLUB”.  main479_1
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Provide entertainment space that visitors can enjoy

From August 1st, LINE Official Characters Store ‘LINE FRIEND STORE in NEW YORK’ has opening the new shop in New York, Times Square.

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