Support for victims of forest fire in California hometown of ‘Snoopy’

Release of the “Snoopy” Charity T-shirt as a mountain fire victim support project

Sony Creative Products, in the name of Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California and  operates a branch of “Snoopy Museum” in Roppongi, Tokyo are now sold the “Snoopy” Charity T-shirt on December 14th.



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“Kiddy Land Ikebukuro Sunshine City store” are now opens!

Popular character specialty shop simultaneously open


“Kiddy Land Ikebukuro Sunshine City Store” are opened on November 23rd at Sunshine City Alpha on the 2nd Floor. They had a memorial limited items sold only at the store so there are many character fans had visit, it was a long line longer than before opening and on the first day was a great success with continued crowd all over the day.


The pattern of the exhibition for rental party
held on the day before opening (November 22nd)

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Japan Official Fans of 「PEANUTS」has launched!

For the membership benefits are “Kisekae Snoopy” and “Choose! Member Card”

On September 25th, Sony Creative Products a licensing program of “PEANUTS” (hereinafter “peanut”) to be a Japanese domestic agent of Peanuts Worldwide LLC USA, an official fan club licensed in Japan by uses Sony Music Marketing will be launching as a licensee of “PEANUTS FRIENDS CLUB”.  main479_1
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Characters Café in Thailand!

In these several years, Characters café is very boom in Thailand. Mostly be like the coffee shop that gathering all teens and adult to come and relax. It’s all have own story theme for each café that you must be loved! Some serve only the desert, some server together with the desert and meal. You can enjoy having you precious time with your favorite character! Not only famous for Thai’s fan but also to the foreigner who visit to Thailand as well!

Here are some famous characters café holding in Thailand these past year.


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KIDDY LAND Opens “Snoopy Town Shop” New Branch in Fuchu City, Hiroshima

With the collaboration with Sony Creative Products,which is the licensing agency of PEANUTS, KIDDY LAND toy store is opening a new “Snoopy Town Shop Hiroshima-Fuchu Branch” in AEON Mall Hiroshima on the 3rd floor. The shop will be opened on November 13th.
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