Newborn clothing release at Baby”R”Us for the limited edition of “MOOMIN BABY”

First in Japan!Sell at Baby”R”Us shop entire country from January 19

Toys “R” Us Japan is releasing the new newborn clothing of “MOOMIN BABY” from the characters of “MOOMIN” which born in Northern Europe Finland at the Baby “R” Us shop nationwide (including Toy “R” Us · Baby “R” Us store) on January 19, for the first time.

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Characters Café in Thailand!

In these several years, Characters café is very boom in Thailand. Mostly be like the coffee shop that gathering all teens and adult to come and relax. It’s all have own story theme for each café that you must be loved! Some serve only the desert, some server together with the desert and meal. You can enjoy having you precious time with your favorite character! Not only famous for Thai’s fan but also to the foreigner who visit to Thailand as well!

Here are some famous characters café holding in Thailand these past year.


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