Ministop ×「CRAFTHOLIC」campaign start!

Purchased 2 original items get Original Glitter Charm

Ministop is having a campaign tied up with “CRAFTHOLIC” at all 2,246 Ministop domestic shop from January 9 until 21.


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「CREATORS POP UP SHOP」is being held

SNS’s Popular characters gather at Ginza Hands EXPO

Mind Works Entertainment has opening the POP UP SHOP which collects goods of the popular creators work licensed by the company such as SNS stamp etc., from January 6 at Hands Expo Tokyu Plaza Ginza store and 3 Hands be stores.


©mame&co ©2017JELLYFISH.Inc ©ポテ豆

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Newborn clothing release at Baby”R”Us for the limited edition of “MOOMIN BABY”

First in Japan!Sell at Baby”R”Us shop entire country from January 19

Toys “R” Us Japan is releasing the new newborn clothing of “MOOMIN BABY” from the characters of “MOOMIN” which born in Northern Europe Finland at the Baby “R” Us shop nationwide (including Toy “R” Us · Baby “R” Us store) on January 19, for the first time.

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「Makanai Cosmetics」×「Hello Kitty」2nd Collaboration release

Limited release from December 22nd

Defit’s deployed Japanese cosmetic brand “Makanomi Cosmetics” will release the “Makanai Cosmetics × Hello Kitty” 2nd series on December 22, which is the collaborating with “Hello Kitty”.


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Oscar e André – La Rosa di Versailles was hold at Yokohama DAISEKAI – DASKA

The collaboration exhibition which has mobilized about 20,000 people now resurrected! Instant projected illusion art

The theme park type commercial facility “Yokohama DAISEKAI” which located in Yokohama Chinatown had collaborating with the popular comic of “La Rosa di Versailles” for the Exhibition of “The Returns of Belle Rose Room (*edited by Ikeda Riyoko Productions)” will be held for a limited time on the 5th floor of Rick Museum from December 16th.


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Support for victims of forest fire in California hometown of ‘Snoopy’

Release of the “Snoopy” Charity T-shirt as a mountain fire victim support project

Sony Creative Products, in the name of Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California and  operates a branch of “Snoopy Museum” in Roppongi, Tokyo are now sold the “Snoopy” Charity T-shirt on December 14th.



(C) 2017 Peanuts Worldwide LLC

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TOM, “Kirby” and “Meta Knight” key caps produced

Cute leather charm stores special benefits available

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (TOM) announced on November 27 for the product of “Kirby’s 25th Anniversary Leather Key Cap” of “Kirby” and “Meta Knight” that appears in the game series “Kirby of the Stars” and they started reservation sale for the whole world and including Japan. This product was planned by TOM and it is scheduled to be sold at retail stores such as TOM’s EC site and department stores.


©Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.

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“House of Representative Cat Conference” held at Kiddy Land 14 stores

The popular “Goroneko Summit” series jacked Kiddy Land

Kiddy Land 14 stores including “Kiddy Land Harajuku Store” will be hosting for the Goroneko Summit Series for “House of Representatives Cat” meeting from November 25th to December 7th.


© Doushisha

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Panda character “HAPPY! RANRAN” debut!

Crown · Creative concluded license agreement with Japan Panda Protection Association

Crown Creative entered into a license agreement with the Japan Panda Protection Association and started licensing “HAPPY! RANRAN” which drawn up by Ms. Yuko Shimizu as a character of the association’s official certified panda.


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“Fullmetal Alchemist” campaign held in Kiddy Land 16 stores

Cute and stylish goods that Sanrio designed and produced are first appearing

The Kiddy Land 16 stores including the east flagship store “Kiddy Land Harajuku Store” and the west flagship store “Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda store” are having a campaign of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST x KIDDY LAND” hold during December 1 – 31.


© Hiromu Arakawa/ SQUARE ENIX

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“U-TREASURE” x “Sailor Moon” New Collaboration Item!

From November 23 and delivered in a special jewelry case

Brand “U-TREASURE” has dealing with a full-fledged character jewelry and goods for adults, as a collaboration jewelry of Sailor Moon on 23rd November for 2 sets of bridal rings (engagement rings and wedding rings) and 6 sets of Crescent Necklace 1, it will be released to the general public at U-TREASURE at Shinjuku Store, K-Uno Order Made Salon at Meitetsu Store (Nagoya), K-Uno DOTON PLAZA Osaka and U-TREASURE Online Shop.

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