「Makanai Cosmetics」×「Hello Kitty」2nd Collaboration release

Limited release from December 22nd

Defit’s deployed Japanese cosmetic brand “Makanomi Cosmetics” will release the “Makanai Cosmetics × Hello Kitty” 2nd series on December 22, which is the collaborating with “Hello Kitty”.


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Panda character “HAPPY! RANRAN” debut!

Crown · Creative concluded license agreement with Japan Panda Protection Association

Crown Creative entered into a license agreement with the Japan Panda Protection Association and started licensing “HAPPY! RANRAN” which drawn up by Ms. Yuko Shimizu as a character of the association’s official certified panda.


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‘Hello Kitty Run’ Philippines, Manila has been held!

The event theme is ‘Link Love Together!’

On October 21st, Tokyo Gets Co., Ltd., which is the produces entertainment business in Asia · Japan has held a character marathon event “Hello Kitty Run” the character marathon events in Japan held at SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines. It is the time in the Philippines.

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“MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” held at 38 stores in Kiddy Land

Hello Kitty design item with the Gentle Purple line with one and other!

 During the period Kiddy Land will hold the Hello Kitty campaign “MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” at the 38 store in Kiddy Land from October 7 until November 5, it’s including the flagship store in the east “Kiddy Land Harajuku” and the west “Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda”.


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「Hello Kitty Hello Life」×「LOWYA」Collaborating Limited Sofa Release!

32 pieces will release from September 27th limited time exhibition at Osaka · Umeda’s Lucua

The shopping website “LOWYA (furniture and interior)” operated by Vega Corporation announced that Sanrio’s license development will release a collaboration sofa with Hello Kitty’s lifestyle-proposal product series “Hello Kitty Hello Life” for adult women from October 27th


ⓒ1976, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD.

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Sanrio Characters and The Missing Treasure in Bangkok!

For those who like the Sanrio Characters will be loved this event. The event was about helping Hello Kitty finding her friends together with finding the missing treasure!


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Hirai Art start handle the Sanrio Characters Jewelry!

Sanrio Character Jewelry Expands on the “GIV” Online Shop

Hirai Art has develops a new special gift on the “GIV” online store to propose a special gifts for self and families under the brand “U-TREASURE” which handling a mainly character jewelry for Sanrio Character.


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Characters Café in Thailand!

In these several years, Characters café is very boom in Thailand. Mostly be like the coffee shop that gathering all teens and adult to come and relax. It’s all have own story theme for each café that you must be loved! Some serve only the desert, some server together with the desert and meal. You can enjoy having you precious time with your favorite character! Not only famous for Thai’s fan but also to the foreigner who visit to Thailand as well!

Here are some famous characters café holding in Thailand these past year.


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Sanrio Character Collaborating with 7-11 Thailand in ‘I LOVE THAILAND’ campaign

7-11 Thailand has announced their new premium redeem item of Sanrio Character Collaborating item.


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First Collaboration of “LINE FRIENDS” & “HELLO KITTY”!


Line Official Characters ‘LINE FRIEND’ collaborating with Sanrio Characters ‘HELLO KITTY’ are release their series collaboration items at LINE FRIENDS STORE original shop through the country on this 3rd of August.

main (1)

sub1 (1)

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Thailand Primary School Student Favorite Character Survey Report 2017

Last month we do the survey with the kids in the school about their favorite character. We sent the survey to primary school in Bangkok area about 556 surveys. And here are the summaries.

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Pon De Lion x Hello Kitty and Pom Pom Purin Collaboration!

An items active for school life appeared !

Sanrio has release their new item sale on Sanrio shop and Sanrio online shop on this July 12th, Duskin operator of ‘Mister Donuts’ collaboration with famous characters as ‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Pom Pom Purin’.

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