JR East × “FINAL FANTASY” × NewDays Collaboration

“NewDays” Limited Present of Original clear file to Yamanote line store

JR East Japan Retail Net have release the original clear files of JR East and “FINAL FANTASY” collaboration by limited number at the KIOSK and KIOSK NewDays (127 shops of Yamanote Line), the period is from 5th until 18th December.


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“House of Representative Cat Conference” held at Kiddy Land 14 stores

The popular “Goroneko Summit” series jacked Kiddy Land

Kiddy Land 14 stores including “Kiddy Land Harajuku Store” will be hosting for the Goroneko Summit Series for “House of Representatives Cat” meeting from November 25th to December 7th.


© Doushisha

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Panda character “HAPPY! RANRAN” debut!

Crown · Creative concluded license agreement with Japan Panda Protection Association

Crown Creative entered into a license agreement with the Japan Panda Protection Association and started licensing “HAPPY! RANRAN” which drawn up by Ms. Yuko Shimizu as a character of the association’s official certified panda.


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“Fullmetal Alchemist” campaign held in Kiddy Land 16 stores

Cute and stylish goods that Sanrio designed and produced are first appearing

The Kiddy Land 16 stores including the east flagship store “Kiddy Land Harajuku Store” and the west flagship store “Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda store” are having a campaign of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST x KIDDY LAND” hold during December 1 – 31.


© Hiromu Arakawa/ SQUARE ENIX

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Mister Donuts release the Donuts with Christmas sets of Kanahei’s the Small Animal

Collaboration with “Piske & Usagi” drawn by Kanahei

Mister Donuts has collaborated with “Piske & Usagi” by a popular illustrator/cartoonist “Kanahei” and will release two kinds of “Kanahei Small Animal Donuts” for a limited time from November 8th operated by Duskin.

Also, from November 15th, they will release a limited number of “Christmas set” which is a set of 2 original mugs, 2 plates and Christmas Donuts with the designed of Pisuke and Usagi.

© kanahei / TXCOM

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Christmas promotion presented by Tokyu Group and Disney

Tokyu Plaza Ginza embodies a fantastic space with the theme of “FROZEN”

“Tokyu Plaza Ginza” operated and managed by Tokyu Real Estate SC Management is holding a  “TOKYU PLAZA GINZA CHRISTMAS 2017” from November 10th to December 25th.


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Digital of Pac-Man product launch from Nov 3 all 4 branch.

ASOKO the grocery store released the collaboration product for sale at PAL at PARCO department store on November 3rd. Pac Man was born in 1980, it’s a popular game for game center and home game also smartphone in the world. Together with a number of characters that have been loved by the video games, they also appear with pixel touch of the 80’s taste.

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“Scary painting” exhibition × “Kami Usagi Rope”, collaboration in progress

Expanding original museum goods and sweets

In the animation program, the main character Lope and Akira senpai visit the exhibition, the original museum goods and sweets of rope are released, and the world of fearful and fun collaboration is spreading.

main logo0


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Japan Official Fans of 「PEANUTS」has launched!

For the membership benefits are “Kisekae Snoopy” and “Choose! Member Card”

On September 25th, Sony Creative Products a licensing program of “PEANUTS” (hereinafter “peanut”) to be a Japanese domestic agent of Peanuts Worldwide LLC USA, an official fan club licensed in Japan by uses Sony Music Marketing will be launching as a licensee of “PEANUTS FRIENDS CLUB”.  main479_1
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「Rascal the Raccoon」x「Hakuoki」Collaboration

Pre-sale goods at 「ANi★CUTE」Shop at Ikebukuro, Tokyo

「Rascal the Raccoon」and「Rascal」the Japanese Animation has announced their new collaboration goods from the 「Hakuoki」the series of love adventure game series for women release on October 5th.



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“MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” held at 38 stores in Kiddy Land

Hello Kitty design item with the Gentle Purple line with one and other!

 During the period Kiddy Land will hold the Hello Kitty campaign “MEET HELLO KITTY’S WORLD” at the 38 store in Kiddy Land from October 7 until November 5, it’s including the flagship store in the east “Kiddy Land Harajuku” and the west “Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda”.


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