PARU’s Ciaopanic Brand’s New Collaboration with “The Simpsons”!!!

PARU’s Ciaopanic brand is having a new collaboration with American popular comedy animation “The Simpsons” starting from June 6th.

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Second Loft x Hello Kitty “TOKYOOTONAKITTY” items on Sales with Kawaii style!

Loft is now selling the merchandise series related to the collaboration project from last October “TOKYOOTONAKITTY” as a second time, from March 25th.

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Sailor Moon Collaboration with GU, Low Cost Japanese Fashion Brand!!

Low Cost Japanese clothing store GU is teaming up with the world famous phenomenon Sailor Moon for a series of novelty fashion items including T-shirts, blouses, dresses, pants and accessories! The new collection is expected to roll out to GU stores across Japan as well as the online store from March 24.

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PINK-Latte Meets GARFIELD on Sweaters

The world-famous brand “PINK-latte” is doing a collaboration with American-born cat character “GARFIELD” by bringing new sets of sweaters to all shops across Japan.

Fashion Brand “Junko Makino” and Hello Kitty Collaborates in New Bag Design

kitty1A new non-gender fashion brand “Junko Makino”, is now doing a collaboration with popular character Hello Kitty to launch new bag designs in September in the theme of “Contemporary Japonism”. More