Oscar e André – La Rosa di Versailles was hold at Yokohama DAISEKAI – DASKA

The collaboration exhibition which has mobilized about 20,000 people now resurrected! Instant projected illusion art

The theme park type commercial facility “Yokohama DAISEKAI” which located in Yokohama Chinatown had collaborating with the popular comic of “La Rosa di Versailles” for the Exhibition of “The Returns of Belle Rose Room (*edited by Ikeda Riyoko Productions)” will be held for a limited time on the 5th floor of Rick Museum from December 16th.


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JR East × “FINAL FANTASY” × NewDays Collaboration

“NewDays” Limited Present of Original clear file to Yamanote line store

JR East Japan Retail Net have release the original clear files of JR East and “FINAL FANTASY” collaboration by limited number at the KIOSK and KIOSK NewDays (127 shops of Yamanote Line), the period is from 5th until 18th December.


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“Fullmetal Alchemist” campaign held in Kiddy Land 16 stores

Cute and stylish goods that Sanrio designed and produced are first appearing

The Kiddy Land 16 stores including the east flagship store “Kiddy Land Harajuku Store” and the west flagship store “Kiddy Land Osaka Umeda store” are having a campaign of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST x KIDDY LAND” hold during December 1 – 31.


© Hiromu Arakawa/ SQUARE ENIX

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“SESAME STREET x “THANK YOU Mart ” Collaboration product release!

Develop collaboration stationery

On November 12th, THANK YOU Mart (390 Yen Shop) has released a collaboration product of “SESAME STREET” and “THANK YOU Mart ” operated by ESLONIC.


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Christmas promotion presented by Tokyu Group and Disney

Tokyu Plaza Ginza embodies a fantastic space with the theme of “FROZEN”

“Tokyu Plaza Ginza” operated and managed by Tokyu Real Estate SC Management is holding a  “TOKYU PLAZA GINZA CHRISTMAS 2017” from November 10th to December 25th.


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“Panpaka Pantsu x Pompompurin Festival in Kichijoji PARCO” was held

“Panpaka Pantsu x Pompompurin Cafe” at Kanto first landing! Shop collaboration in the hotel is also enriched!

From the 1st November, Kichijoji PARCO will hold ” Panpaka Pantsu × Pompompurin Festival in Kichijoji PARCO” in commemoration of the collaboration between ” Panpaka Pantsu ” and “Pompompurin”.


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“Scary painting” exhibition × “Kami Usagi Rope”, collaboration in progress

Expanding original museum goods and sweets

In the animation program, the main character Lope and Akira senpai visit the exhibition, the original museum goods and sweets of rope are released, and the world of fearful and fun collaboration is spreading.

main logo0


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130th Anniversary of Thailand-Japan Diplomatic Relations

The Japan Foundation, Bangkok, together with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and the Embassy of Japan in Thailand, proudly presents a special exhibition called “130 Years of Japan – Thailand Friendship”, which is the commemorative event of the 130th anniversary of Japan-Thailand diplomatic relations.


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Cooperative press releases for the “Penelope” Shoes sticker !

Also to prevent the misplacement of the right and left wear for kindergarten and nursery school etc.

On September 27, Nippon Animation which licenses anime “Inappropriate Penelope” and picture book character “Penelope tete en l’air” gave a license to a cooperative press that carries out the production management business of printed matter and etc. The Penelope’s illustration was printed on ” Shoes sticker” released at a grocery shop and etc. throughout the country including online shop of child rearing miscellaneous goods brand “Kikka for mother”.


(c) GallimardLicensed by N.A.

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Eyelashes Serum of Scalp D new Limited Disney Design appearance

This November 8th will release the Limited item again!

Angfa Co., Ltd. will release the new one from November 8th, with the 4th consecutive years of market share of the scalp D ‘s eyelashes serum, they will release 3 limited quantity of Disney design.

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「3COINS × potedan!」Collaboration Item now on sale!

9 swordsmen appear as 3 COINS items!

300 Yen shop「3 COINS」 released the collaborated items with “Potedan!” the PC & smartphone app “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” on September 23th.


ⓒ2015-2017 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus

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「Hello Kitty Hello Life」×「LOWYA」Collaborating Limited Sofa Release!

32 pieces will release from September 27th limited time exhibition at Osaka · Umeda’s Lucua

The shopping website “LOWYA (furniture and interior)” operated by Vega Corporation announced that Sanrio’s license development will release a collaboration sofa with Hello Kitty’s lifestyle-proposal product series “Hello Kitty Hello Life” for adult women from October 27th


ⓒ1976, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD.

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