「CREATORS POP UP SHOP」is being held

SNS’s Popular characters gather at Ginza Hands EXPO

Mind Works Entertainment has opening the POP UP SHOP which collects goods of the popular creators work licensed by the company such as SNS stamp etc., from January 6 at Hands Expo Tokyu Plaza Ginza store and 3 Hands be stores.


©mame&co ©2017JELLYFISH.Inc ©ポテ豆

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TOM, “Kirby” and “Meta Knight” key caps produced

Cute leather charm stores special benefits available

Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (TOM) announced on November 27 for the product of “Kirby’s 25th Anniversary Leather Key Cap” of “Kirby” and “Meta Knight” that appears in the game series “Kirby of the Stars” and they started reservation sale for the whole world and including Japan. This product was planned by TOM and it is scheduled to be sold at retail stores such as TOM’s EC site and department stores.


©Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.

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“Kiddy Land Ikebukuro Sunshine City store” are now opens!

Popular character specialty shop simultaneously open


“Kiddy Land Ikebukuro Sunshine City Store” are opened on November 23rd at Sunshine City Alpha on the 2nd Floor. They had a memorial limited items sold only at the store so there are many character fans had visit, it was a long line longer than before opening and on the first day was a great success with continued crowd all over the day.


The pattern of the exhibition for rental party
held on the day before opening (November 22nd)

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“House of Representative Cat Conference” held at Kiddy Land 14 stores

The popular “Goroneko Summit” series jacked Kiddy Land

Kiddy Land 14 stores including “Kiddy Land Harajuku Store” will be hosting for the Goroneko Summit Series for “House of Representatives Cat” meeting from November 25th to December 7th.


© Doushisha

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Panda character “HAPPY! RANRAN” debut!

Crown · Creative concluded license agreement with Japan Panda Protection Association

Crown Creative entered into a license agreement with the Japan Panda Protection Association and started licensing “HAPPY! RANRAN” which drawn up by Ms. Yuko Shimizu as a character of the association’s official certified panda.


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Original Mamuang painting exhibition: Mamuang New Year Gift Exhibition the new exhibition by Tum – Wisit Phonnimit

For the fans who love the characters. “Mamuang” Do not miss this exhibition. The exhibition was held at Mamuang shop at the Lido Theater on the 2nd Floor, Siam Square.


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Mister Donuts release the Donuts with Christmas sets of Kanahei’s the Small Animal

Collaboration with “Piske & Usagi” drawn by Kanahei

Mister Donuts has collaborated with “Piske & Usagi” by a popular illustrator/cartoonist “Kanahei” and will release two kinds of “Kanahei Small Animal Donuts” for a limited time from November 8th operated by Duskin.

Also, from November 15th, they will release a limited number of “Christmas set” which is a set of 2 original mugs, 2 plates and Christmas Donuts with the designed of Pisuke and Usagi.

© kanahei / TXCOM

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“‘Minions’ ・ 31 ・Jack ”Campaign is ongoing!

At B‐R 31 Ice cream from November 1 – 30!

B-R 31 Ice cream (Baskins Robbins) will having a limited campaign for the “’Minions” ・ 31・Jack” from November 1 – 30.

bello minion4-4

Bello! Christmas “Minions”

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“Barbie @ Hankyu” held from November 15 to 28

Enjoy the same fashion as Barbie only in the world

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store has holds the “Barbie @ Hankyu” at Hankyu Umeda head office on 4F Kotkoto stage 41 from November 15th until 28th.


©2017 Mattel. All Rights Reserved

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Digital of Pac-Man product launch from Nov 3 all 4 branch.

ASOKO the grocery store released the collaboration product for sale at PAL at PARCO department store on November 3rd. Pac Man was born in 1980, it’s a popular game for game center and home game also smartphone in the world. Together with a number of characters that have been loved by the video games, they also appear with pixel touch of the 80’s taste.

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「RASMUS KLUMP」start the campaign at Lawson

Get the Original Mini Tote bag as a present when purchased hit the point

 Lawson is implementing a campaign from October 4th which is to purchase the Asahi Jurong Tea 660mi x 6 bottle or Santory Iemon Green Tea 525ml x 6 bottle will get the RASMUS KLUMP Original Mini Tote Bag Set campaign as a present. RASMUS KLUMP is a characters of a bear which born in 1951 as the hero of cartoons series in newspaper in Denmark.

04(C)Rasmus Klump Jammy

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