One Piece Mugiwara Store Bangkok’s celebrating the 1th birthday anniversary!

Let’s celebrate! 1st Anniversary and join the first time One Piece Pop Up Café.
They are now celebrating the 1st anniversary with the special drinking & dessert menu with One Piece limit edition design!


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Sanrio Characters and The Missing Treasure in Bangkok!

For those who like the Sanrio Characters will be loved this event. The event was about helping Hello Kitty finding her friends together with finding the missing treasure!


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Characters Café in Thailand!

In these several years, Characters café is very boom in Thailand. Mostly be like the coffee shop that gathering all teens and adult to come and relax. It’s all have own story theme for each café that you must be loved! Some serve only the desert, some server together with the desert and meal. You can enjoy having you precious time with your favorite character! Not only famous for Thai’s fan but also to the foreigner who visit to Thailand as well!

Here are some famous characters café holding in Thailand these past year.


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Line Village Grand Opening in Bangkok!

Since last week Line Thailand has launch their shop at Siam Square One! Called ‘Line Village Bangkok’. An Imagination Village that separate the area by each characters rooms, such as a room with 360 degrees of Brown, Kony’s room as a Kitchen room and the Plaza area for show their town in minimal size : )


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C3 AFA Bangkok 2017: Event Report

In the collaboration between Soza, Sotsu, and AsatuDK, the biggest pop culture and anime festival in Bangkok “C3 AFA Bangkok 2017” was held on June 10 – 11, 2017. Many anime-related stuffs were exhibited and for sales such as video games, manga comics, light novels, music, celebrities, and so much more, which came directly from Japan.


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Hello Kitty Run Bangkok 2017: Event Photo Report


Hello Kitty Run Bangkok 2017 Powered by Shiseido White Lucent was taken place at Airport Rail Link Makkasan Station, Bangkok on February 26th 2017. The event was very successful and attracted more than 5,000 runners from all ages.

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