Eyelashes Serum of Scalp D new Limited Disney Design appearance

This November 8th will release the Limited item again!

Angfa Co., Ltd. will release the new one from November 8th, with the 4th consecutive years of market share of the scalp D ‘s eyelashes serum, they will release 3 limited quantity of Disney design.

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「3COINS × potedan!」Collaboration Item now on sale!

9 swordsmen appear as 3 COINS items!

300 Yen shop「3 COINS」 released the collaborated items with “Potedan!” the PC & smartphone app “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” on September 23th.


ⓒ2015-2017 DMM GAMES/Nitroplus

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Tiger Air Taiwan, Taiwanese Characters ‘KURORO’ tie up!

The in-flight decorations, meals and on-board limited goods for sale will launch from this Autumn.

Tiger Air Taiwan, the Taiwanese first international flight airline company will tie up with the famous Taiwanese character “kuroro” for celebrate the 3rd Anniversary in this autumn and produce a more enjoyable air travel.

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「Hello Kitty Hello Life」×「LOWYA」Collaborating Limited Sofa Release!

32 pieces will release from September 27th limited time exhibition at Osaka · Umeda’s Lucua

The shopping website “LOWYA (furniture and interior)” operated by Vega Corporation announced that Sanrio’s license development will release a collaboration sofa with Hello Kitty’s lifestyle-proposal product series “Hello Kitty Hello Life” for adult women from October 27th


ⓒ1976, 2017 SANRIO CO., LTD.

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「BABY MILO®」×「RODY」Collaboration Release!

For the RODY T-Shirt and Hoodie Zip and other

NOWHERE, A BATHING APE® and JAMMY developing from an Italian riding toy “RODY” and released a new collaboration item on September 6 .


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KBank New Debit Card Pokémon Design!

Kasikorn Bank has released new Debit Card design of Pokémon by open the new account at the KBank branch or by the application from 15 September. Also have an event for Pokemon dance on 18 – 19 September at Siam Paragon !


pikachu dance.gif

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32 years since launch the ‘Sylvania Family’ has become the TV animation!

New TV anime ‘Sylvania Family Mini Story’ start broadcast from October 7th


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‘Cartoon Halloween 2017’ held at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise!

The limited time stamp rally aiming for the goal for 4 points!


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GIFMAGAZINE × Cinnamoroll Collaboration!

Regular delivery of special GIF content for celebrating the 15th anniversary of Cinnamoroll

GIFMAGAZINE has opened the special channel for Sanrio Characters ‘Cinnamon Roll’.


© ‘01, ‘17 SANRIO Books Sanrio Co., Ltd.

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One Piece Mugiwara Store Bangkok’s celebrating the 1th birthday anniversary!

Let’s celebrate! 1st Anniversary and join the first time One Piece Pop Up Café.
They are now celebrating the 1st anniversary with the special drinking & dessert menu with One Piece limit edition design!


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「Wally Run Sendai」was hold!

Jumped out of the picture book!? Wally fans gathered at Yagiyama Beny Land

Sports One was hold a fan-run event “Wally Ran” at the Yagiyama Beny Land (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture) on October 22th, where you can experience the world view of “Wally!”. It is a sports one website, accepting a pre-allotment by entry from August 7th to October 6th and the normal entry from October 7th to 17th.


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Itoham releases ‘GUDETAMA’ limited collaboration package for Halloween !

“HAPPY HALLOWEEN FAIR” will held, product line up of 43 items!

Ito Ham releases “Halloween design” products for a limited time with the theme of “HAPPY HALLOWEEN FAIR”. At the same time the item is Sanrio’s popular character “Gudetama” will collaborated with a limited collaboration package too.


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