Zoff x MARVEL HEROES: The New Heroic Sunglasses Sets!!

“Zoff”, a Japanese eyewear brand just launched the new series of sunglasses featuring motifs from American famous comics “MARVEL COMICS” from May 22. The series is named “MARVEL COMICS COLLECTION SUNGLASSES SERIES” which will be sold in every stores across Japan.


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Gudetama Drink Collaboration in Taiwan with ChingShin Drink!!

Taiwanese handmade drink company “ChingShin (清心福全)” is now doing a collaborating promotion with famous Japanese character “Gudetama” from April 1st until June 30th.


Koume Chan x Hello Kitty Collaboration on the way, entering the Sanrio Character Collaboration Ranking!!

Lotte has decided the collaboration between its product “Koume” character “Koume chan” and the popular character that represent Japan “Hello Kitty”.

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Customize Your Own One Piece Debit Card with K-Bank!!

All the One Piece fans rejoice! Thailand’s big banking chain Kasikorn Bank is now doing a collaboration with Japan’s hottest anime One Piece with its new Debit card issuing system.



Enjoy the cuteness of Kapibara san in the new collaboration campaign with Kotori Cafe!!

With “While watching the little birds, let’s have a chilling coffee time ♪” as a concept, “Kotori Café Omotesando” is having a collaboration with Bandai character “Kapibara san” from May 1st to June 30th. The collaboration with be taken place in all Kotori Café across Japan.



“Where’s Wally?” Anniversary Projects on the run!! Special events are planned to be held!!

Plaza Style is a master licensor in Japan who is holding the rights to “WHERE’S WALLY?”, which will its 30th anniversary this June. For the 30th anniversary, the Anniversary Year project is in planning.

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Snow Miku Sky Caravan in Thailand!! Visit Animate Bangkok for Hatsune Miku Experience!!

Hatsune Miku is coming to Thailand’s Animate shop Bangkok for the campaign “Snow Miku Skytown Caravan & Hatsune Miku Only Shop”.


“Usamaru Cafe” Special Collaboration Project at Shinjuku!! Special menus with Max Brenner and Ice Monster to be on sales!

LEGS is doing a collaboration campaign “Usamaru Café” which is located at SHINJUKU BOX from April 28th.



Hatsune Miku x Heroes Of Newerth: Cute New Voice Announcer has arrived!!

Hatsune Miku has finally arrived in one of the most popular competitive online games in Thailand, Heroes of Newerth(HON).


Hatsune Miku x Donkihote store Collaboration!! Opening in 28 stores across Japan!

The company Legs is having a collaboration campaign between Donkihote Akihabara store and the Visual Character that will have 10th anniversary, “Hatsune Miku”, starting from April 22nd.