SCOTTISH HOUSE X SNOOPY cross-border popular debut

Scottish fashion women’s brand SCOTTISH HOUSE cooperated with SNOOPY, the most popular star of PEANUTS Manga family, to launch a collaboration, which will officially debut in Typhoon (shopping mall) this fall!


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“Rilakkuma” x 20th “Beared Papa” limited collaboration cream puff

Beard Papa, a cream puff specialty store that celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, will sell collaborative cream puff with San-X’s popular original character “Rilakkuma” for a limited time from October 1st.


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“KAGOME” x “Detective Conan” collaborates!

Kagome will run a campaign called “Colored Breakfast” in collaboration with a popular work “Detective Conan” from September 30th to November 29th. This campaign that collects points and purchases the target Kagome beverage products during the target period, and if you apply for the course you like, a total of 1,330 “Detective Conan” limited collaboration goods will be presented as gifts.


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“Zoff” x “LISA LARSON” collaboration!

The glass brand Zoff will sell the collaboration named “Zoff meets LISA LARSON” from September 27 at all stores. To commemorate the famous Nordic potter, LISA LARSON’s birthday on September 9, the online store will open the pre-orders on that day.


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Super cute Hello Kitty collaboration jewelry sell in Taiwan!

BONNY & READ, a jewelry brand from Taiwan, is known for its high-quality internet sounds and has more than a thousand kinds of accessories and updates every week. It continues to give more beautiful choices to girls who love beauty. It is the Taiwan local jewelry brand with the most complete and high quantity items.


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A vibrant Sesame Street pop-up cafe from September to December will open in Kumoya in Singapore

Starting from 26 September (Thursday), Kumoya will officially turn into a Sesame Street pop-up cafe.


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2nd “Afternoon Tea” x “PEANUTS” collaboration -Snoopy wearing down and Snoopy with friends enjoying winter sports appeared

Afternoon Tea LIVING, which is run by the Sazaby League, will launch its second collaboration with PEANUTS from September 18.


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Welcome to Taichung “Disney Princess’s Dreamworld”!

Recently, the limited edition of the “Miravivi Princess’s Dream World” period pop-up shop was debated, with the theme of the 30th Anniversary of the Little Mermaid, created a romantic ocean wind atmosphere. At the same time, a limited edition of 300 “big mermaid pillows” was also introduced.


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“Minion” design appeared in “Muse No-Touch Foam Hand Soap” -The second commercialization plan “Minion Monsters” is now available in limited

From September 2nd, Reckitt Benckiser Japan has developed a medicinal soap “Muse”, which is with a history of about 65 years, collaborated with the world ’s popular character “Minion”, who is dressed as “Monster” in the new collaboration of  “Muse No-Touch Foam Hand Soap Minion” and “Muse No-Touch Foam Hand Soap Minion Monsters”, were released nationwide in limited.


Medicinal soap “Muse” has been on sale for about 65 years. The no-touch foam hand soap, which features that the foam comes out automatically when the hand is held over the main body, received a favorable reception when it launched a collaboration product with “Minion” in April, and decided to release it again. In addition, “Minion Monsters,” a “Minion” dressed as a “Monster,” was commercialized as the second installment.



A POP-UP shop of Kanahei in Taiwan

The very popular character of Japan, Kanahei, is continuing her trip of Tawan, after Taipei, this time, she came to Taichung city.

From Aug. 9th to Sep. 22th, the pop-up shop, themed by Kanahei’s Niu Niu World, has been held at Taichung Caowu Square (No. 534 Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City) and for free!

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