San X characters novelties X 7-eleven @ Taiwan

When we talk about San X, maybe not too many people would know what it is. But when it comes to the characters, such as Rilakkuma, they have created, people would definitely know what it is. With this high popularity, 7-eleven is having the collaboration with San X characters to attract fans and customers.

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Grand opening of Matcha Prince shops @ Taiwan

The first official shop overseas

The official local mascot of Uji in Japan, Matcha Prince, is having the first official shop overseas. The grand open was on 10th Jan, with a grand opening ceremony.

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Line characters X McDonald @ Taiwan

Line characters, started from instant communication stickers, have become one of the most popular characters in the world. Due to the high popularity of Line app in Taiwan, the Line characters are also beloved in Taiwan. And this time, McDonald is collaborating with Line characters to attract more customers from the young generation.

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Chibimaruko Chan’s Dream World @ Taipei, Taiwan

As one of the most prolonged animation in Japan, Chibimaruko Chan is famous among Japan and also all around the world. With plenty of Japanese culture-lovers, Taiwanese are also the big fans of Chibimaruko Chan. Chibimaruko is having a 3-month long exhibition in Taipei, with dozens of photo spots to attract the fans to visit.


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