Taiwan makeup brand collaborates with Japanese fashion cat NYA-!

Taiwan makeup brand, UNT co-branded the well-known Japanese trendy brand “NYA-“. announced that UNT as NYA-the world’s first co-branded makeup brand, they will kick-off for makeup black fashion to the world.


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STAYREAL is a local fashion clothing brand founded by pop singer superstar Ashin from the rock band, Mayday and the artist Fujiya and they started to collaborate with Korean popular characters, KAKAO Friends from 5th March in Taiwan.


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Pop-up shops in Syntrend Creative Park in Taiwan!

Syntrend Creative Park launched many pop-up stores on the first floor from March 3 to 31, including the PostPet’s character MOMO bear and the “Final Fantasy Premium Store” will sell extremely popular game-limited products.


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Full of power ⚡️ Bossini ✖ Pokémon collection only in Taiwan

Pokemon’s latest collaboration is here! The brand Bossini announced that it has launched new collection products with Pokémon, including a full range of clothing for men, women, and children.


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HELLO KITTY sake in Taiwan!

HELLO KITTY turned into a sakura’s sake (Japanese rice wine)! Such a cute glass bottle in HELLO KITTY shape, seriously earnestly burned to fans. The collaboration is between the Drunk Moon(醉月) and Sanrio characters!


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HELLO KITTY in your Matcha Latte package!

To celebrate Hello Kitty’s 45th-anniversary last year, many collaboration is still going on. This time, Bee Touched, the Taiwan honey drink brand collaborated with Hello Kitty to launch a new “Matcha Latte”. The cute package has made fans love it.


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Sanrio characters lie up Shakurel Planet to hold an exhibition!

There is a secret movie is now making in Songshan Culture and Creativity park named “Capsule Planet”! The main actors are Sanrio characters, such as HELLO KITTY, Gudetama, and also popular capsule stars.


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