KAKAO Friends mask released only in Taiwan!

During the epidemic, masks have become a must-have item for people to go out. In addition to becoming more and more particular about pattern design, the level of protection has become an important part of purchasing. If you want to find a good-looking one, you can find it here with the new hot-selling KAKAO FRIENDS joint medical masks, exclusively sold in Taiwan.

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First Sailor Moon Café opened in Taiwan!

Taiwan’s first “Sailor Moon Café” is now set in the East District of Taipei, offering many menus such as  cakes and desserts, with sale of limited items. 

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Gongcha × KAKAO FRIENDS launched the cutest new mango shake!

Gongcha Hong Kong and KAKAO FRIENDS launched a new line of mango drinks to tackle the hotness of summer. The mango pearl shake drink, half a cup full of ingredients, plus the milk lid and Q-bomb taste, make the drink full and satiated, most fitting for you to cool off during the season.

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Hello Kitty × ANNA SUI : A new must-have collections!

7-ELEVEN Taiwan has launched the “ANNA SUI x Sanrio Fashion Collection” from March 24th. This time there are more than 30 stylish lifestyle peripherals with sweet and playful styles! The whole store gathering event was the first time that 7-ELEVEN teamed up with ANNA SUI and the Sanrio family to create a beautiful magical world.

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Gucci’s Chinese New Year 2021 collaboration with Doraemon!

Gucci is having a new collection featuring the famous Japanese manga and anime character, Doraemon, which also turned 50 years old this year, celebrating the Lunar New Year. Doraemon is beloved by people all over Asia and beyond. He is an embodiment of optimism, creativity and also a childhood icon.  

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Gongcha × KAKAO FRIENDS launching 3 limited season drinks and items!

Gongcha X KAKAO FRIENDS has once again collaborate and are launching 3 limited strawberry season drinks with other items such as anti-epidemic mask storage boxes and red envelopes.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Arrives at Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival!

The new hot anime Jujutsu Kaisen will be coming to Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival with all the exclusive products.

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LINE FRIENDS Winter Party Event in Taiwan!

LINE is holding a special holiday event “LINE FRIENDS 2020 Winter Party” in Taipei, Taiwan. Special appearance of “LINE FRIENDS Carnival sect Tokimitsu”, created by owner Kakuto Kakuho will show cute life-sized public hot balloon, puppets, coffee cups, and so much more.

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KAKAO FRIENDS limited pop-up shop in Tainan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taiwan!

KAKAO FRIENDS pop-up shop featuring Ryan, Muzi, Con, Apeach, Neo, Frodo, Tube and Jay-G are coming, with nearly one hundred new products and limited products that can be bought only here.

This limited-time official shop will open in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Tainan, Xintiandi, Taiwan. KAKAO FRIENDS is a popular character group from South Korea that has huge influence in Asia, especially very popular in Taiwan. There are many products to purchase that can only be found here and some imported directly from South Korea.

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7-11 only Disney Dumbo and many other cute characters collaborations in the spring!

After the collaboration with Saniro a while ago, 7-11 in Taiwan will launch the Disney collaboration goods from March 14th!


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Lao Xiezhen collaborates with HELLO KITTY again!

The well-know 80-years old famous food shop, Lao Xiezhen is very favorite by their health supplements and in recent years, they collaborate with super-healing characters to win the hearts of young people.

This time, they collaborate with HELLO KITTY again to sell delicious Noodles and Porridge to get HELLO KITTY hot milk pot for free!


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