New release of “PEANUTS” collaboration items with a spring-like clover motif

Afternoon Tea LIVING, operated by the Sotheby League, will release a new spring-like design item of Snoopy and friends on January 11, 2023 under the theme of “SHARING HAPPINESS -Let’s share happy feelings-“. Starting with dining wear and lunch items with the motif of a four-leaf clover, which is a symbol of happiness, items in gentle colors based on pink and emerald green are available.

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Show off your summer vibe with “Suika × Snoopy” T-shirts!

On April 24th, Thai famous clothing brand “Suika” released a new t-shirts line featuring everyone’s beloved beagle, Snoopy.

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“MARC JACOBS” x “Peanuts” Pop-up Store open!

“MARC JACOBS” is a store that collaborated with the American comic “PEANUTS” drawn by Charles M. Schulz from the “THE MARC JACOBS” line to open a pop-up shop from February 19 to March 3 at Ginza Mitsukoshi 1F.


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SNOOPY IN THE SPACE! collaborate with 1011 • Sip Tea

From Nov. 22, 2019, to Feb.28, 2020, the new milk tea brand 1011 • Sip Tea in Taiwan launches the SNOOPY Astronaut series, which collaborates with the popular character SNOOPY, the mascot of NASA to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon successful.


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Kids menu of KFC with “Snoopy Perpetual Calendar”

From December 26, Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) Japan started to give “Snoopy Perpetual Calendar” away as the second “Snoopy” collaboration goods on the kid’s menu at KFC stores nationwide. 


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SNOOPY event in Korea with Lotte World

Recently, SNOOPY is super hot in Korea!

Firstly, Lotte Cinema launched the “SNOOPY Popcorn Package”, which is available in a small bag and a small night light. 


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Cath Kidston collaborates with PEANUTS Snoopy collection here!

Cath Kidston will start to collaborate with PEANUTS Snoop in Japan on December 6th at Cass Kidson stores and official online stores nationwide. 


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“Snoopy” × “SCRAP” Experience-type problem-solving games and events & original goods collaboration decided

SCRAP will start the first time collaboration with “PEANUTS”, using the theme of SCRAP×SNOOPY problem-solving PROJECT to celebrate its 70th birthday in the world’s first and largest “mystery” park in the world, “TOKYO MYSTERY CIRCUS” (Tokyo Mystery Circus) from November 21st.


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“Peanuts” 70th anniversary year starting

Sony Creative Products started the 70th anniversary from October 2nd to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the serialization of Charles M. Schulz’s comic “PEANUTS”.


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2019 SNOOPY ROAD RUN IN TAICHUNG -many faces of Snoopy

The most popular event for Snoopy fans in Taiwan: Snoopy Road runs will add holding a special Taichung run! This year’s theme is the many faces of Snoopy, which will be with a new color scheme and a variety of fascinating Snoopy costume characters in the running event!


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SCOTTISH HOUSE X SNOOPY cross-border popular debut

Scottish fashion women’s brand SCOTTISH HOUSE cooperated with SNOOPY, the most popular star of PEANUTS Manga family, to launch a collaboration, which will officially debut in Typhoon (shopping mall) this fall!


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