Golden Village Singapore × Line Friends: Jungle Brown tumblers on Sale!

Golden Village Singapore is collaborating with Line Friends, releasing a combo set “Jungle Brown Combo Set” from Nov. 26, 2020.

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The Razer × Pokémon Asia: Pikachu Limited Edition Collection Released!

Razer is now having a collaboration with Pokemon Asia, releasing a collection of PC items featuring Pokémon’s adorable yellow mascot Pikachu with a range of Pikachu-themed gaming peripherals and wireless earbuds in Singapore.

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Aniplus Cafe × Isekai Quartet 2 Collaboration In Singapore!

Aniplus Cafe Singapore is now having a new anime collaboration with the Isekai Quartet 2 series, an anime that is a giant crossover between many popular isekai titles such as Overlord, Re:Zero, and Konosuba.

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Hello Kitty × KOKUMI Bubble Drinks Collaboration!

KOKUMI, an Indonesia based bubble tea franchise, is having a collaboration with popular character Hello Kitty. This collaboration consists of exclusive bubble drink flavors with the ideas from cuteness of Hello Kitty.

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Rilakkuma Limited-time Café opened in Singapore!

Kumoya, which is behind pop-up cafes such as Gudetama, opened a new outlet at Orchard Central Singapore on August 29, 2020. The pop-up cafe will feature San-X popular characters Rilakkuma and friends.

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Uniqlo Singapore’s Sanrio collection launched!

Uniqlo Singapore just launched line of Sanrio-themed apparel on August 3, 2020 in collaboration with Sanrio. As a celebration of Singapore’s 55th birthday, locally themed Sanrio patches will also be given away with a minimum purchase.

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