7-Eleven Singapore releasing Sanrio-themed mooncakes!

7-Eleven Singapore will be released a series of mooncakes on August 24, which will feature the beloved Sanrio characters Hello Kitty and My Melody.

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Thai Rabbit Card × My Melody & Little Twin Stars: Collaboration card collection

Rabbit Card, a major IC card vendor in Thailand just released a new card collection with collaboration with Sanrio characters, My Melody and Little Twin Stars.

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Uniqlo Singapore’s Sanrio collection launched!

Uniqlo Singapore just launched line of Sanrio-themed apparel on August 3, 2020 in collaboration with Sanrio. As a celebration of Singapore’s 55th birthday, locally themed Sanrio patches will also be given away with a minimum purchase.

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HELLO KITTY sake in Taiwan!

HELLO KITTY turned into a sakura’s sake (Japanese rice wine)! Such a cute glass bottle in HELLO KITTY shape, seriously earnestly burned to fans. The collaboration is between the Drunk Moon(醉月) and Sanrio characters!


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“Essential” with “My Melody” “Kiki & Lara” Collaboration

On February 15, Kao launched a limited number of special design bottles from the hair care series “Essential”, which are a collaboration between Sanrio’s popular characters “My Melody” and “Little Twin Stars (Kiki & Lara)”.


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HELLO KITTY in your Matcha Latte package!

To celebrate Hello Kitty’s 45th-anniversary last year, many collaboration is still going on. This time, Bee Touched, the Taiwan honey drink brand collaborated with Hello Kitty to launch a new “Matcha Latte”. The cute package has made fans love it.


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“60th Anniversary Sanrio Character Museum” held

Sanrio will hold an exhibition “60th Anniversary Sanrio Character Museum” in the summer from 2020 to 2025, celebrating its 60th anniversary in August this year. First of all, starting with the Tokyo City View Sky Gallery on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, they plan to hold nationwide tours at museums and museums.


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Sanrio characters lie up Shakurel Planet to hold an exhibition!

There is a secret movie is now making in Songshan Culture and Creativity park named “Capsule Planet”! The main actors are Sanrio characters, such as HELLO KITTY, Gudetama, and also popular capsule stars.


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Take an afternoon tea with Sanrio’s characters in Mandarin Oriental Taipei

Sanrio Taiwan firstly collaborates with Mandarin Oriental Taipei to launch a collaboration cafe named ‘My Melody & Little Twin Stars in  Afternoon Tea Waltz Party’ to attract fans of My Melody & Little Twin Stars.


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“Dream Tomica Sanrio Characters Collection” released in January

TAKARA TOMI will launch the Dream Tomica Sanrio Characters Collection (retail price: 700 yen/without tax) on January 18, 2020, which is collaborated with 10 popular Sanrio characters. It will be on sale at toy stores in Japan, department store and mass merchandise store toys, Internet shops, Tomica specialty store “Tomica shop”, official TAKARA TOMY shopping site “TAKARA TOMY Mall”, some Sanrio shops and Sanrio online shops. 


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“45th My Melody” commemorative product release and birthday fair start

In Sanrio and Sanrio Entertainment, one year from January 2020 is the 45th anniversary year of My Melody,  and the “My Melody 45th Anniversary Fair” will be held in Harmony Land, and commemorative products will be released.


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SANRIO × ECONECO limited collaboration only in Japan medical of Taiwan

Japan medical is the famous cosmetic store in Taiwan, and to celebrate the eighth anniversary, they collaborated with Sanrio and ECONECO to launch the  “SANRIO X ECONECO dream picnic light travel” goods!


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