Rilakkuma Limited-time Café opened in Singapore!

Kumoya, which is behind pop-up cafes such as Gudetama, opened a new outlet at Orchard Central Singapore on August 29, 2020. The pop-up cafe will feature San-X popular characters Rilakkuma and friends.

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Rilakkuma’s first ever Wedding Plan!

Escrit, which plans and operates weddings and receptions as its main business, will produce the first wedding plan with the popular character “Rilakkuma” of San-X from mid-July, and the reservation will start for the “Rilakkuma Bridal Fair” (free wedding consultation event).

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Enjoy movies with “Rilakkuma Bucket Set” at Thailand’s Major Cineplex!

Major Cineplex is releasing an exclusive “Rilakkuma Bucket Set” as a collaboration campaign with Japan’s popular character Rilakkuma from May.


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“Cold Stone Creamery” with “Rilakkuma” Collaboration! Premium goods are also available in addition to three cute collaboration menus

From March 26th, Hotland will launch “Rilakkuma Fruit Basket,” “Korilakkuma Pancakes on Ice,” and “Kiroitori Yummy Mango” three cute menus at all Cold Stone Creamery stores in Japan. 


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ROPÉ PICNIC and Rilakkuma collaboration items debut

“ROPÉ PICNIC sells collaboration items inspired by “Rilakkuma” at Lopepicnic directly managed stores and online stores which is from November 18 to start online reservation and sales in-store from November 27.


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“Rilakkuma” x 20th “Beared Papa” limited collaboration cream puff

Beard Papa, a cream puff specialty store that celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, will sell collaborative cream puff with San-X’s popular original character “Rilakkuma” for a limited time from October 1st.


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“Rilakkuma official certification 2019” decided to be held in Tokyo and Osaka!

On the 1st of December, San-X will hold the “Rilakkuma official certification 2019” based on the popular character “Rilakkuma” in Tokyo and Osaka. NIPPAN, the Japanese publishing sales company experienced with a wide range of certification test management will in charge of the certification and collaborate with Kokusai Pulp&Paper Co., Ltd. The application has started from July 5.main.jpg

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Character with Sports

In Japan, baseball is definitely the top three popular sports. The enthusiasm of the whole country for baseball and the love of people for the characters in the two-dimensional world can be said to be indistinguishable.

Because of this, their popular 12 baseball teams have their own characters for their own teams to support and represent themselves. These cute characters with strong personal team colors often appear in the starting ceremony of various competitions, boost morale and cheer for the athletes.  



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