Adidas X Pokémon collaboration on sale! Healing cute look!

As the live-action movie “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu” is about to be released, Pokémon can be seen slowly in various trendy brands and fashions. Not long ago, the online exposure of two pairs of Adidas and POKÉMON collaboration series shoes, the Pikachu and Squirtle embroidery on the shoes, enough to make fans into crazy.


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Character café – the café linking to modern Japanese culture

 Character café – the café linking to modern Japanese culture

To attract different types of customers, there are many kinds of concept café in Japan, including pet café, maid café, etc. Among those, the most popular one should be Character café.

Character café, as the name implies, is a kind of café by applying animation as the main theme, in order to attract the fans of the anime. In Japan, Character café was visited by thousands of fans every day.

The café is usually fully decorated by using the anime characters or the main scenes as the motif, so when the customers enter the café, they can feel like entering the anime world. Not only the decorations, but the menu is also re-designed, which is full of the characteristics of the anime.

For example in 2018, the Character café collaborated with the popular anime Pokemon was opened from March. The café was decorated with many Pokemon FRPs and the menu was designed for the fans, such as the curry set by using Pikachu’s image. The café is opened almost every year to promote the new movie or the new game to be released.

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Grand open of Pokemon café in Singapore @ Tampines & Jurong, Singapore

The worldwide popular Pikachu is visiting Singapore again!

This time, it is not just a show in a short period of time, but a permanent café full with Pokemon. Inside the café, including tables, wallpaper, menu and everywhere are decorated by different Pokemon. Customers can enjoy the cute atmosphere full with Pokemon and can also order the food and beverages with Pokemon designs on it.

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Pokemon Sun & Moon On Tour 2019 @ Future Park, Thailand

The cute Pikachu is visiting Thailand again from 4th Jan – 15th Jan, 2019!

Due to the great popularity, the meet and greet with Pikachu has already become an ‘annual event’ all over the world. This time with the new series ‘Sun & Moon’, Pikachu is ready to meet with the crowds again in the Future Park.


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