“Osomatsu-san” Smartphone Game collab with “Karaoke no Tetsujin”

From January 31st, TETSUJIN will collaborate with Avex Technologies’ smartphone game “Osomatsu-san’s Hesokuri Wars – NEET Offense and Defense-” at five stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area of “Karaoke no Tetsujin” operated by the company.

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Gokurakuyu × TV anime “Osomatsu-san” Collaboration!

From December 14th, Gokurakuyu will hold a collaboration campaign with the TV anime “Osomatsu-san” at 32 stores of the Gokurakuyu RAKU SPA Group.

(C) 赤塚不二夫/おそ松さん製作委員会
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‘Sushiro × Mr. Osomatsu’ collaboration

Original comics, novelties and ‘Sushi photo’ campaign

The sushi restaurant, Akindo-Sushiro, is having a collaboration campaign with the movie Mr. Osomatsu to be released from 15th Mar, from 27th Feb to 7th Apr.

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