Swarovski’s new LINE FRIENDS collection released!

Swarovski Japan, celebrating its 125th anniversary, will launch the first LINE FRIENDS collection including products limited only to Japan from mid-May. The collection will be on sale on the official online store.

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LINE FRIEND collaborate with Evovacs to sell a Brown Edition Robot Vacuum & Mop

The Chinese technology firm’s collaboration with LINE has given birth to an adorable Brown Edition Deebot U3 Robot Vacuum and now available on Lazada(Singapore) at a promotional price of S$399, locals can grab it with free delivery and a 1-year warranty.


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LINE FRIENDS World Tour exhibition comes to Singapore!

The LINE FRIENDS WORLD TOUR has been several places such as Taiwan and Macau, and this time they come to Singapore! Take a tour around the world with LINE FRIENDS this holiday season! There are 13 exhibition locations from Nov. 15, 2019, to Jan. 24, 2020.


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“THE ALLEY” × “LINE FRIENDS” limited-time collaboration

THE ALLEY, the tea store developed by TOMAC started to collaborate with Line official character “Line Friends” for a limited time from November 11th to February 9th, 2020.

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A day of Line Friends in Watsons in Taiwan

“Watson’s” and “LINE FRIENDS” collaboration was launched the “A little Trips” event from May 30th to July 31st. When you spend 200 yuan or more, you can get 1 point, and if you can increase the point by 5 or 8, you can increase in price to get a collaboration item. There are a total of 5 travel essentials, from suitcases, mugs, hair dryers, accompanying cups to latex pillows. Do you want Brown Bear, Sally or Cony? 


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Brown Bear dirty bread, Sally butterfly crips, etc. the most delicious collaboration in Korea

The Brown bear, Sally chicken, or Cony rabbit, the popular characters of line friends appear on the delicious food in Korea!

Line friends have recently started to collaborate with the ancestor of dirty bread “Our Bakery” and “cafe jinjungsung” to launch a series of super cute dessert or drinks. If you have a chance to go to Korea, please get the opportunity to go on a pilgrimage!


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XIAOMI × Line Friends collaboration PHONE @ China

The brand name Xiaomi makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and related consumer electronics and released its first smartphone in August 2011 and rapidly gained market share in China.

XIAOMI x Line Friends collaboration with the theme of “SUPER MI, SUPER BROWN”, launched “Xiaomi 9SE Brown Bear Limited Edition”, priced at 2,499 yuan from Apri. 1.

The package includes a customized version of the Xiaomi 9 SE mobile phone, mobile phone case, sticker, theme card, collection card and a customized version of the mobile power supply.

The design uses the “Brown Bear” as a theme.main.jpg

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Line characters X McDonald @ Taiwan

Line characters, started from instant communication stickers, have become one of the most popular characters in the world. Due to the high popularity of Line app in Taiwan, the Line characters are also beloved in Taiwan. And this time, McDonald is collaborating with Line characters to attract more customers from the young generation.

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