Belle Maison pre-order open for Character New Year Osechi!

On August 28, Senshukai’s mail-order business Belle Maison began accepting pre-order sales for the 2021 version of Character Osechi, which has been well received every year.

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Collaboration between JR Hohi Main Line and “ONE PIECE Kumamoto Reconstruction Project”!

In order to recover from the Kumamoto earthquake, Kumamoto Prefecture is promoting a recovery project in collaboration with the manga “ONE PIECE”, and is developing the “Hino-Kuni Revival Edition” in which straw hat crews install bronze statues in the affected areas.

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“Crayon Shin-chan 30th anniversary project” started!

“Crayon Shin-chan” is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. “New Crayon Shin-chan”, which is currently serialized in “Monthly Manga Town” (published by Futabasha), also celebrates its 10th anniversary. “Crayon Shin-chan 30th Anniversary Project” will be launched to celebrate the milestone of the national character that continues to be loved worldwide.

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Special collaboration with “Barbie” 30th anniversary of new Prostyle release!

“I want more women to realize the hairstyle they want and to expand their possibilities.” With this in mind, the hair styling brand “Prostyle”, which was born in 1990, will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. In commemoration of that, Kracie Home Products has realized a special collaboration with “Barbie” who supports women who are advancing themselves toward the future. They will carry out various projects for about half a year from July 21, 2020.

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A New Collaboration between “Evangelion” and “final”!

Japanese audio maker SNEXT announced its new brand final and EVANGELION collaboration earphones “EVA2020 x final perfect wireless earphones” and “EVA2020 x final 3D audio earphones” to be launched from July 27. Reservations will start at the store “final STORE” and the direct sales site “SNEXT DIRECT SHOP”, and sales will start on August 6.

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Levi’s® × Peanuts Summer Collection Released!

Levi’s ® released “Levi’s ® x PEANUTS ® Summer 2020” on August 4. The third edition, after the release in 2018 and 2019, is a classic, sporty and colorful collection that expresses the team spirit.

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Fuji-Q Highland × NARUTO&BORUTO Ninja Village Campaign started!

At “NARUTO x BORUTO Fuji Konoha Hidden Village” in Fuji-Q Highland, in collaboration with Nijigen No Mori’s “NARUTO & BORUTO Ninja Village” (SHINOBI-ZATO), the theme park started from July 18th to September 30th. The “NARUTO & BORUTO Village Tour Campaign”, in which both tickets and accommodation tickets are awarded, is also being held.

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The shooting frame of “MARVEL” now available at “Korekawa fin” Purikura machine!

For the limited time period from July 1st to August 31st, FURYU announced the “Purikura-collab mode” of “MARVEL” characters, which is extremely popular all over the world, in the print sticker (Purikura) machine “Korekawa fin”.
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「G-SHOCK」×「Dragon Ball Z」Collaboration model Scheduled for August Release

In August 2020, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will release “GA-110JDB” as a new product of the shock-resistant watch line “G-SHOCK” in collaboration with the world popular anime “Dragon Ball Z”.

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Rilakkuma’s first ever Wedding Plan!

Escrit, which plans and operates weddings and receptions as its main business, will produce the first wedding plan with the popular character “Rilakkuma” of San-X from mid-July, and the reservation will start for the “Rilakkuma Bridal Fair” (free wedding consultation event).

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Disney’s “Marie” appears as a cushion-type therapy robot with a wiggly tail!

Yukai Engineering, which plans and develops a number of robots and IoT products under the theme of “Robotic, and brings joy to the world” released the first character series of the first cushion-type therapy robot “Qoobo” with a tail on June 30. In this new release, the product is inspired by Disney’s popular character “Marie”.

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