‘Hello Kitty X Crayon Shinchan’ collaboration series

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty, collaborated products were released from 14th Feb.

To celebrate the big year, Sanrio is now collaborating with another famous IP, Crayon Shinchan. 19 different collaborated items ‘Hello Kitty X Crayon Shinchan’ are available in Sanrio shops, Sanrio corners in shopping malls and Sanrio online shop from 14th Feb.

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The first Nekopen exhibition

Special goods using local drawings

LAWSON ENTERTAINMENT is holding the first Nekopen, a famous Line character stamp with cat and penguin, from 9th Feb in 5 hmv museums in Japan (Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka).

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‘LEGOLAND Japan’ grand open in July, 2019

First expansion since the park opens. The ‘Lego Ninjago World’

The outdoor theme park LEGOLAND Japan is having the first area expansion in July this year since the park opens in April, 2017. Participants can enjoy the new world of Lego Ninjago in the new area ‘Lego Nijago World’.

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Personification of music instruments ‘MusiClavies’ starts

Scenario design by Kazura Ringo, character designs by Mai Hanamura

Yamaha Music Entertainment Holdings is developing a brand new entertainment plan of apply personification on music instruments called ‘MusiClavies’.

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Moomin X Silcot cotton sponge

With the designs of ‘Little My’, products with Moomin designs are sold all over the country

Unicharm Corporation (a Japanese company hygiene products manufacturer) is going to have the collaboration all over Japan with Moomin from 22nd Jan on their cotton sponge product ‘Silcot’.

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Hello Kitty X Kansai Airport express ‘Haruka’

‘Hello Kitty Haruka’, Japanese hospitality to passengers from all over the world

From 29th Jan, West Japan Railway Company is collaborating with Hello Kitty, operating the Kansai Airport express ‘Haruka’ with Hello Kitty wrapping. The main theme this time is ‘Japanese hospitality’. ‘Haruka’ is one of the important connections between the West Japan gateway – Kansai Airport and the ancient capital which is always crowded with travelers – Kyoto. The new ‘Haruka’ is providing a new travel experience to all the passengers with Japanese hospitality together with ‘Hello Kitty Shinkansen (bullet train)’ started service from Jun, 2018.

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‘Cells at Work!’ theme park @ LAGUNA TEN BOSCH, Aichi, Japan

Propaganda of Influenza prevention by collaborating with ‘Cells at Work!’

During 26th Jan – 6th May in LAGUNA TEN BOSCH in Aichi prefecture, Japan, the collaboration event with ‘Cells at Work!’, ‘Cells at Work theme park in LAGUNA TEN BOSCH’ is being held in the theme park run by the area called Lagunasia.

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Grand opening of Matcha Prince shops @ Taiwan

The first official shop overseas

The official local mascot of Uji in Japan, Matcha Prince, is having the first official shop overseas. The grand open was on 10th Jan, with a grand opening ceremony.

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New character of Sumikko Gurashi – Neko no Kyodai

30 cm tall plush dolls and Fondue set in character shape as premiums

BANDAI SPIRITS Lotto Innovation is presenting the latest character lottery ‘Sumikko Gurashi – Meet with Neko no Kyoudai’ from 16th Feb. The lottery would be available in Family Mart, Ministop, other convenient stores, book stores, hobby shops, game centers and Kitty Land sequentially (620 yen including tax per).

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2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival X TSUTAYA

Special goods of anime ‘Kingdom’ as presents in designated stores in Fukuoka prefecture

From 15th Jan to 11th Feb, one of the most popular winter festivals in Nagasaki in Japan, ‘2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival’ is having a special collaboration event with the anime ‘Kingdom’, carrying out the campaign ‘2019 Nagasaki Lantern Festival X TSUTAYA’.

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BUFFERIN X Sailor Moon

To have meaningful time for the women who have to tolerate the pain


LION is going to have a collaboration campaign between their pain killer product ‘BUFFERIN’ and the popular anime character Sailor Moon.

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Photo booth ‘PINKPINKMONSTER’ X Sailor Moon

5 Sailor soldiers, Luna & Artemis appear in photo booth

From 11th Jan, FURYU CORPORATION is having the time-limited collaboration between Sailor Moon and their photo booth machine ‘PINKPINKMONSTER’.

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