「G-SHOCK」×「Dragon Ball Z」Collaboration model Scheduled for August Release

In August 2020, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. will release “GA-110JDB” as a new product of the shock-resistant watch line “G-SHOCK” in collaboration with the world popular anime “Dragon Ball Z”.

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Rilakkuma’s first ever Wedding Plan!

Escrit, which plans and operates weddings and receptions as its main business, will produce the first wedding plan with the popular character “Rilakkuma” of San-X from mid-July, and the reservation will start for the “Rilakkuma Bridal Fair” (free wedding consultation event).

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Disney’s “Marie” appears as a cushion-type therapy robot with a wiggly tail!

Yukai Engineering, which plans and develops a number of robots and IoT products under the theme of “Robotic, and brings joy to the world” released the first character series of the first cushion-type therapy robot “Qoobo” with a tail on June 30. In this new release, the product is inspired by Disney’s popular character “Marie”.

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World Group × Neon Genesis Evangelion Collaboration!

The four brands of World Group: “TK Takeokikuchi”, “Base Station”, “Platinum Aura” and “Unbuilt Takeokikuchi” released a collaboration campaign with the popular anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” alongside the release of the new movie “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version”.

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“DISNEY MAGICAL TABLE 2020” 2nd course opening for ABC

ABC Cooking Studio (ABC), which has cooking classes in Japan, Asia, and Southeast Asia. There has been special lessons with Disney characters as a motif at ABC nationwide for a year from March 2020 to February 2021 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its founding called “DISNEY MAGICAL TABLE 2020”.  Every time, there will be original photogenic and cute menus for the customers to cook and create.

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TULIP × MAA JA: A Feel-good Bedding Collaboration

TULIP Bedding, a famous Thai bedding company, launched a new line of products featuring famous Thai characters “Maa ja (or Dog Please in English)” starting June 1.


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“Hagoromo Oil Sardine” × “Char Aznable” Collaboration Campaign!

“Hagoromo & King Oscar Oil Sardine,” imported and sold by Hagoromo Foods, has been collaborating with a popular character “Char Aznable” from the nationwide famous “Mobile Suit Gundam” anime starting from May 14th.

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“What we can do now” Message Movie Released

Sony Creative Products released a message movie “What we can do now” for everyone who is affected by the current pandemic situation to show that while consumers live their lives under various circumstances, what kind of thing can these famous characters do right now. This movie is created by different companies that collaborated together, which will warm your heart.

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Swarovski’s new LINE FRIENDS collection released!

Swarovski Japan, celebrating its 125th anniversary, will launch the first LINE FRIENDS collection including products limited only to Japan from mid-May. The collection will be on sale on the official online store.

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“Moomin” new limited design product released from “Dear Beaute HIMAWARI”

On May 22, Kracie Home Products will release a limited number of the new product ” Dear Beaute Oil-In Shampoo & Conditioner (Moomin Sports)”, a limited-edition “Moomin” design product from hair care brand “Dear Beaute HIMAWARI”.


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Momotani Juntenkan, made-to-order cosmetics in collaboration with Sanrio Characters on sale!

From April 15th to September 30th, Momotani Juntenkan‘s popular products such as “Meishoku Premium Series”, “Meishoku Facial Lotion Medicated Lotion”, “Multi Cream” will be collaborating with Sanrio Characters with the limited-edition Spring & Summer 2020 designs, which is now available on sale on official online shop “Bihada Shop”. These are original cosmetic products that are only available in the spring and summer of 2020, and can only be obtained at a Bihada Shop.

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Enjoy movies with “Rilakkuma Bucket Set” at Thailand’s Major Cineplex!

Major Cineplex is releasing an exclusive “Rilakkuma Bucket Set” as a collaboration campaign with Japan’s popular character Rilakkuma from May.


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