HelloKitty x McDonald’s collaboration pillows are super hot!

McDonald’s in Taiwan will launch a new “Hello Kitty” collaboration pillow this year, and the theme is the African beasts. The cute hello kitty wear the 4 types of animal costumes, showing invincible contrast to get the super-healing feeling to make you feel good to sleep.


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The collaboration of HELLO KITTY × OLOGY@Carrefour in Taiwan

Because of this year is the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty, Huayan International Music already has two cooperation plans with Sanrio.
In February, Jiang Hongjie and Fukuhara Ai in Taiwan became the ambassador of Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary. It was announced in April that the collaboration of HELLO KITTY X OLOGY will debut, which make fans into crazy discussions.


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Pearl milk tea brand Chingshin pushes 36 collections of Hello Kitty “Collection Year” limited cups

Hello Kitty, the world’s most fascinating character leader has been celebrating the 45th anniversary of this year. Pearl milk tea brand Chingshin has been taken the lead with Hello Kitty and launched a wave of  36 collections limited cups with themed of  “Collection Year” from 4/15 to 8/15 in this summer.


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“Crayon Shin-chan” × “Hello Kitty” DHC Limited Collaboration

A limited collaboration tie-up with the two major national characters, “Crayon Shin-chan” and “Hello Kitty” from April 4 in DHC corporation is underway.


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For the very 1st time, “Hello Kitty Go Around!!” is coming to Bangkok!

From 22th March until 2nd June, Hello Kitty special exhibiton named 『Hello Kitty Go Around』open at Bangkok Donki Mall.

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Hello Kitty’s first Hollywood movie!

Produced by New Line Cinema, worldwide distribution by Warner Bros..

Sanrio and Warner Bros. announced that, as the first one among Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty is going to have a worldwide distributing movie. The project would be produced by New Line Cinema under Warner Bros., which is famous for the production of the worldwide famous movie ‘Lord of the Ring’.main (3).jpg

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Bungo Stray Dogs×Sanrio characters

“Bungo Stray Dogs” × “Sanrio Characters” collaboration decision
Produce designs at Bonds and Sanrio

Sanrio has decided to develop “Sanrio Design Produce”, which is a collaboration of Kadoko’s popular work “Bungo Stray Dogs” and Sanrio Characters, which will start broadcasting the third season of TV anime from April, and Sanrio designs the appearing characters. 

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‘Hello Kitty X Crayon Shinchan’ collaboration series

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty, collaborated products were released from 14th Feb.

To celebrate the big year, Sanrio is now collaborating with another famous IP, Crayon Shinchan. 19 different collaborated items ‘Hello Kitty X Crayon Shinchan’ are available in Sanrio shops, Sanrio corners in shopping malls and Sanrio online shop from 14th Feb.

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‘Hello Kitty X Old Master Q’ mall exhibition @ MOSTown, Hong Kong

During the Lunar New Year, almost every shopping mall in Hong Kong is having different kinds of decorations, mainly with pig-related designs, to celebrate the festival. MOSTown, trying to stand out from the others, is having an unprecedented collaboration with Hello Kitty and Old Master Q.

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Hello Kitty X Kansai Airport express ‘Haruka’

‘Hello Kitty Haruka’, Japanese hospitality to passengers from all over the world

From 29th Jan, West Japan Railway Company is collaborating with Hello Kitty, operating the Kansai Airport express ‘Haruka’ with Hello Kitty wrapping. The main theme this time is ‘Japanese hospitality’. ‘Haruka’ is one of the important connections between the West Japan gateway – Kansai Airport and the ancient capital which is always crowded with travelers – Kyoto. The new ‘Haruka’ is providing a new travel experience to all the passengers with Japanese hospitality together with ‘Hello Kitty Shinkansen (bullet train)’ started service from Jun, 2018.

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