Momotani Juntenkan, made-to-order cosmetics in collaboration with Sanrio Characters on sale!

From April 15th to September 30th, Momotani Juntenkan‘s popular products such as “Meishoku Premium Series”, “Meishoku Facial Lotion Medicated Lotion”, “Multi Cream” will be collaborating with Sanrio Characters with the limited-edition Spring & Summer 2020 designs, which is now available on sale on official online shop “Bihada Shop”. These are original cosmetic products that are only available in the spring and summer of 2020, and can only be obtained at a Bihada Shop.

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Hello Kitty’s original design functional golf tee debut!

Diamond, which develops golf equipment under the Diamond Golf brand, pays attention to the increase in “golf girls” to launch a collaboration between Sanrio’s popular character “Hello Kitty” and the aero spark. In addition, a score counter with “Hello Kitty”, “My Melody” and “Kuromi” designs will be released at the same time on March 15.


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Lao Xiezhen collaborates with HELLO KITTY again!

The well-know 80-years old famous food shop, Lao Xiezhen is very favorite by their health supplements and in recent years, they collaborate with super-healing characters to win the hearts of young people.

This time, they collaborate with HELLO KITTY again to sell delicious Noodles and Porridge to get HELLO KITTY hot milk pot for free!


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HELLO KITTY sake in Taiwan!

HELLO KITTY turned into a sakura’s sake (Japanese rice wine)! Such a cute glass bottle in HELLO KITTY shape, seriously earnestly burned to fans. The collaboration is between the Drunk Moon(醉月) and Sanrio characters!


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HELLO KITTY in your Matcha Latte package!

To celebrate Hello Kitty’s 45th-anniversary last year, many collaboration is still going on. This time, Bee Touched, the Taiwan honey drink brand collaborated with Hello Kitty to launch a new “Matcha Latte”. The cute package has made fans love it.


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“60th Anniversary Sanrio Character Museum” held

Sanrio will hold an exhibition “60th Anniversary Sanrio Character Museum” in the summer from 2020 to 2025, celebrating its 60th anniversary in August this year. First of all, starting with the Tokyo City View Sky Gallery on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, they plan to hold nationwide tours at museums and museums.


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Sanrio characters lie up Shakurel Planet to hold an exhibition!

There is a secret movie is now making in Songshan Culture and Creativity park named “Capsule Planet”! The main actors are Sanrio characters, such as HELLO KITTY, Gudetama, and also popular capsule stars.


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Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion change to be HELLO KITTY Shinkansen!

Takara Tomy has decided to start a new collaboration between  “Hello Kitty Shinkansen” from West Japan Railway designed by Sanrio’s popular character “Hello Kitty”  and “Shinkansen Deformation Robo ShinkarioShinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion” from March, will be sold at nationwide toy shops and some Sanrio shops.


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Singapore Airlines x HELLO KITTY available in KrisShop

Singapore Airlines online shop KrisShop was spotted selling Hello Kitty-themed merchandise which includes a collectible box set and a Hello Kitty dressed in SilkAir uniform from Nov. 11th, 2019.


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“Dream Tomica Sanrio Characters Collection” released in January

TAKARA TOMI will launch the Dream Tomica Sanrio Characters Collection (retail price: 700 yen/without tax) on January 18, 2020, which is collaborated with 10 popular Sanrio characters. It will be on sale at toy stores in Japan, department store and mass merchandise store toys, Internet shops, Tomica specialty store “Tomica shop”, official TAKARA TOMY shopping site “TAKARA TOMY Mall”, some Sanrio shops and Sanrio online shops. 


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