“Neon Genesis Evangelion” Lawson Bank ATM collaboration project underway!

Lawson Bank is having a “Neon Genesis Evangelion” Lawson Bank ATM Collaboration from January 18th to February 14th.

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KATE and “Evangelion” Collaboration Items are now available!

On February 2, 2021, Kanebo Cosmetics will release a limited number of “Kate Red Nude Rouge (EV)”, a collaboration product between KATE and “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. Prior to this, reservations will be accepted on the website in limited quantities from November 4th.

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A New Collaboration between “Evangelion” and “final”!

Japanese audio maker SNEXT announced its new brand final and EVANGELION collaboration earphones “EVA2020 x final perfect wireless earphones” and “EVA2020 x final 3D audio earphones” to be launched from July 27. Reservations will start at the store “final STORE” and the direct sales site “SNEXT DIRECT SHOP”, and sales will start on August 6.

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World Group × Neon Genesis Evangelion Collaboration!

The four brands of World Group: “TK Takeokikuchi”, “Base Station”, “Platinum Aura” and “Unbuilt Takeokikuchi” released a collaboration campaign with the popular anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” alongside the release of the new movie “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version”.

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「X-girl」×「Neon Genesis Evangelion」Collaboration Campaign

The ladies’ streetwear brand “X-girl” will launch a collaboration product line with the famous sci-fi anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, that continues to attract many generations of fans to this day, on March 27 and mid-April.

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Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 in Zexy, the luxury collaboration Eva marriage registration 2020

The marriage information service “Zexy” of Recruit Marketing Partners will collaborate with the movie Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 in February issue and “Evangelion Marriage registration 2020” will be added to the appendix.


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“Evangelion” × “Hakone 2020” started!-To celebrate the “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 movie version” release, the largest collaboration with EVA in the Hakone area

The Odakyu Group will hold a large collaboration event “Evangelion x Hakone 2020 MEET EVANGELION IN HAKONE” with the popular anime “Evangelion”, which set based in Hakone from January 10th to June 30th.


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Evangelion (EVA) TEST TYPE -01/PRODUCTION MODEL-02 appearance in scissors!

Nikken-Cutlery will launch the collaboration between Evangelion’s Unit 01 test type/02 production model and scissors on June 5 utilizing the technology of traditional industries, which is carefully produced one by one by a craftsman from a long-old maker in the Gifu, Seki city. The place is famous for the scissors.


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Cafe-comme ca × EVANGELION

Cafe-comme ca is the cafe saving cake with seasonal delicious fruits from around Japan.

This time, to commemorate the [EVANGELION Illust collection book 2007-2017] reproduction exhibition, collaboration menu will be released from 5th-23th April,2019 at Cafe-comme ca  Shibuya shop.


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