Detective Conan has a NewDays-Greetings for the New Year

JR East Retail Net collaborated with the popular TV anime Detective Conan to launch a campaign of Detective Conan x NewDays-Greetings for the New Year to the commemorative broadcast of the original story “Large Monster Gomera vs Kamen Yaiba” for 4 consecutive weeks on the NewDays and  NewDays KIOSK in the operated JR East area.


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“KAGOME” x “Detective Conan” collaborates!

Kagome will run a campaign called “Colored Breakfast” in collaboration with a popular work “Detective Conan” from September 30th to November 29th. This campaign that collects points and purchases the target Kagome beverage products during the target period, and if you apply for the course you like, a total of 1,330 “Detective Conan” limited collaboration goods will be presented as gifts.


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Golf products collaborate with the “Detective Conan” debut!

TMS Entertainment will release the golf ball and golf marker & clip set, which collaborate with the TV anime “Detective Conan” on August 22 at the TMS official mail order site.

It will also be released at the “Shigeo Nagashima INVITATIONAL sega sammy cup golf tournament” to be held from August 22-25.


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This summer, Conan will once again be a big jack in Lagunasia!

Laguna Ten Bosch is a theme park that runs a special event collaborated with the TV anime “Detective Conan” about “Detective Conan vs Kaleidoscope of the Sea God in Lagunasia” from July 6 to September 30.


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Character with Sports

In Japan, baseball is definitely the top three popular sports. The enthusiasm of the whole country for baseball and the love of people for the characters in the two-dimensional world can be said to be indistinguishable.

Because of this, their popular 12 baseball teams have their own characters for their own teams to support and represent themselves. These cute characters with strong personal team colors often appear in the starting ceremony of various competitions, boost morale and cheer for the athletes.  



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Sunshine City ‘Detective Conan – The targeted district of the sky’

Treasure hunt with photo spots

During 12th Apr and 19th May, ‘Detective Conan – The targeted district of the sky’ is going to be held at the Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory, the Sunshine Aquarium and ALPA shopping mall in Sunshine City, Tokyo.                                               1.jpg Continue reading “Sunshine City ‘Detective Conan – The targeted district of the sky’”