[Interview] Ms. Lovinia Chiu, Chief Executive Officer of Medialink

Our company Tokyo Gets Co., Ltd. had an interview with Ms. Lovinia Chiu, Chief Executive Officer of Medialink. 

This is the development of a company persistence 22 years to create a bridge connecting Japanese anime culture to other Asian countries centered on Hong Kong.

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Character with Sports

In Japan, baseball is definitely the top three popular sports. The enthusiasm of the whole country for baseball and the love of people for the characters in the two-dimensional world can be said to be indistinguishable.

Because of this, their popular 12 baseball teams have their own characters for their own teams to support and represent themselves. These cute characters with strong personal team colors often appear in the starting ceremony of various competitions, boost morale and cheer for the athletes.  



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Character café – the café linking to modern Japanese culture

 Character café – the café linking to modern Japanese culture

To attract different types of customers, there are many kinds of concept café in Japan, including pet café, maid café, etc. Among those, the most popular one should be Character café.

Character café, as the name implies, is a kind of café by applying animation as the main theme, in order to attract the fans of the anime. In Japan, Character café was visited by thousands of fans every day.

The café is usually fully decorated by using the anime characters or the main scenes as the motif, so when the customers enter the café, they can feel like entering the anime world. Not only the decorations, but the menu is also re-designed, which is full of the characteristics of the anime.

For example in 2018, the Character café collaborated with the popular anime Pokemon was opened from March. The café was decorated with many Pokemon FRPs and the menu was designed for the fans, such as the curry set by using Pikachu’s image. The café is opened almost every year to promote the new movie or the new game to be released.

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Anime Pilgrimage

On 8th Jan 2019, one of the leading travel information website in China, Mafengwo, together with the Japan Anime Tourism Association, announced to start providing information about anime pilgrimage to Chinese tourists, which makes anime pilgrimage becomes the hot topic again recently.

So what is anime pilgrimage?

As an anime giant nation, there are quite a lot of anime and comic stories take place in the real world locations in Japan. The fans would treat these locations as ‘holy sites’ and visit them frequently, to enjoy the feeling of ‘being a part of the anime’. The anime pilgrimage successfully attracted many tourists to visit the sites and already developed into a mature industry chain. According to the research carried out by Hankyu Travel in 2018 about the most popular buzzwords related to traveling, anime pilgrimage has become the first place (the second is the mysterious tour and the third is night pool). This reflects the popularity of anime pilgrimage in Japan.

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The next generation entertainment – Virtual idols

Idols are referring to the talents who are trained to a wide range of roles such as singing, acting, modeling, etc. The fans and followers admire those idols and willing to support them in the way of going to concerts and buying the official goods. This entertainment industry can said to be mature but in recent years, there is a new kind of ‘idol market’ coming up which has successfully attracted many young generations.

‘Virtual idols’ were first developed from the 90s. The whole concept is to create an idol for the fans which is not a real human being. The first generation which has recorded a great success is the characters from the simulation game ‘THE IDOLM@STER’. The idols in the game have become the characters which get the support from the players, just like the real idols do. The second one comes to the famous Hatsune Miku. Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid system with artificial sound and anime outlook. The character is so famous that she can have her own concerts in Japan, China, USA, Indonesia, Mexico, etc.

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The bridge between anime and the real world – 2.5 Dimension stage show

As being a super animation nation, Japan is always a step ahead in the animation industry, creating/innovating many new directions about animation. In recent years, there is a new trend, 2.5 Dimension stage shows, which is very popular in Japan and also the Asia countries. So what doe2.5 Dimension stage shows mean?

As the name implies, 2.5 Dimension means the ‘dimension’ between the 3D world (the real world) and the 2D world (animation world). 2.5 Dimension shows are the shows applying the anime stories but having real artists to act out. Just like the musicals, the artists would dress up (like cosplay to a certain extent as the costumes are based on the designs in the anime), sing and dance and act on the stage.

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Product placement in animation

‘Normally’, when it comes to the collaboration between products and anime, most of the people would have an image that the famous anime characters is holding the products in front of the camera and introducing the benefits of the products, or as the mascot is printed on the product packages with some special localized designs. Yet, this kind of promotion method has already become a kind of too much and customers are sometimes quite saturated with this kind of hard-selling promotion.

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The mascots of the 2020 Summer Olympics, the key to licensing business - How are the mascots born and developed

The mascot is holding the key to the success of licensing business of 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. In this article, we will have a deep look in how the mascots born and developed.

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Games X Animation

According to the research from Newzoo, there would have 2.3 billion gamers in the world, contributing 137.9 billion dollars on gaming industry in 2018, which is a 13.3% increase by comparing to the figure in 2017. Moreover, this figure is expected to keep increasing in the coming several years and reach 180.1 billion dollars in 2021.

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Hello Kitty Run Bangkok 2017: Event Photo Report


Hello Kitty Run Bangkok 2017 Powered by Shiseido White Lucent was taken place at Airport Rail Link Makkasan Station, Bangkok on February 26th 2017. The event was very successful and attracted more than 5,000 runners from all ages.

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