「Karadanote」x 「BARBAPAPA」collaboration campaign

Since April 1st, Karadanote and StylingLife Holdings Plaza Style Company has been collaborating with Barbapapa, carrying out a limited-time campaign with original goods and special web page.

Its mission is to support family health, increase more smiles, and deploy tool applications and media for pregnant and parenting mothers.


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[Kura Sushi × Sumikko Gurashi] collaboration limited super cute GASHAPON debut

Famous Japanese character Sumikko Gurashi had joined the Kura Sushi in Taiwan from 26th Mar to 25th April and you can have a chance to get a limited collaboration GASHAPON in Bikkurapon!


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“Crayon Shin-chan” × “Hello Kitty” DHC Limited Collaboration

A limited collaboration tie-up with the two major national characters, “Crayon Shin-chan” and “Hello Kitty” from April 4 in DHC corporation is underway.


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The First-ever Sailor Moon Pop-Up Event is at 313@Somerset atrium in Singapore

Attention! The first-ever pop-up event based on your favorite Sailor Moon is held in Singapore, organized in partnership with Japan animation studio Toei Animation from 12th to 21st April 2019.


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Pokemon’s first official baby brand “monpoké” is born.

Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd. announced its first official baby brand “monpoké” from popular Pokemon is born.monpoke01.jpg

Targeting a new generation of moms and dad, the concept is “Hi-Sense”, “High Quality”, “Designs the Adults want”, and “Gifts”.

Expand design and quality products that can be used by parents and children, targeting maternity mothers to children around 36 months.

The main visual expresses Pokemon with a soft and soft impression for the brand.

The brand logo is a colorful and fun impression, yet it has an elegant design that can be held easily by adults.

It is a logo that symbolizes the new Pokemon brand combined with simple typography.

“Cacdo” will be in charge of development for brand naming and logo design, and special collaborations such as product packaging and product design will be developed in the future.



・monpoké Official site:https://monpoke.jp/



Bandai’s official shopping site “Premium Bandai” has started to accep reservation for  “LE BIZZARRE AVVENTURE DI GIOGIO Parte5 VENTO AUREO × VANS” on March 27th.

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Kanaheis Small Animals Piske & Usagi ×Taiwan baseball collaboration goods

Kanaheis Small Animals Piske & Usagi and Lamigo Monkeys, Uni-President Lions and Chinatrust Brothers are collaborated.

Limited merchandise will be sold from April.


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MARVEL limited shop will open by Don Quijote

Don Quijote opens “MARVEL Limited Shop by Don Quijote”, which deals with popular character items of MARVEL, from April 2 Open at a total of 49 Don Quijote stores nationwide.

main (1).jpg

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Cafe-comme ca × EVANGELION

Cafe-comme ca is the cafe saving cake with seasonal delicious fruits from around Japan.

This time, to commemorate the [EVANGELION Illust collection book 2007-2017] reproduction exhibition, collaboration menu will be released from 5th-23th April,2019 at Cafe-comme ca  Shibuya shop.


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Bumblebee Cafe opens in Ikebukuro PARCO

The character “Transformers” created by Takara Tomy celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2019.

As the 35th anniversary and new movie film “Bumblebee” that is new series of “Transformers” was released, the collaboration cafe named “Bumblebee Cafe” was opened at Ikebukuro PARCO during the period from 8th to 31th March.

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