BARBAPAPA’s Pink, Love, and Change exhibition in Taipei

The theme of the exhibition is Pink Love Change.

Pink: the main color and pronunciation are similar to “very” in Taiwan.

Love: Barbapapa’s spirit is full of love for the world, love the environment, love human beings, love animals and love family.

Change: With the ever-changing characteristics of Barbapapa, create a rich and varied modeling scene.

With the exhibition, you can feel the different colors from Barbapapa’s family to understand the more colorful world through them.


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「Karadanote」x 「BARBAPAPA」collaboration campaign

Since April 1st, Karadanote and StylingLife Holdings Plaza Style Company has been collaborating with Barbapapa, carrying out a limited-time campaign with original goods and special web page.

Its mission is to support family health, increase more smiles, and deploy tool applications and media for pregnant and parenting mothers.


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