Energy soda drink “Dodecamin” × “Attack on Titan” collaboration

Asahi Soft Drinks launched a collaboration between the popular anime,  “Attack on Titan” and “Dodecamine”, an energy carbonated drink that combines “12 kinds of active ingredients” and has the feature of “stimulating strong carbonic acid” on March 10th. The design package was released in a limited quantity.


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ONKYO sell a collaboration model with Attack on Titan

The collaboration between Onkyo and Attack on the Titan is a 2.5mm 4-pole plug cord that supports balanced playback and with high-quality dynamic stereo headphones “SE-MHR5”. It is sold for limited reservations.


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“Cookpad studio” x “Attack on Titan” collaboration event

Cookpad TV has decided the menu for the “Cookpad studio giant festival” to be held from November 7th at “Cookpad studio” reopened as a cooking live experience-based studio.


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