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This website CharaBiz.Asia is managed by Tokyo Gets Co., Ltd. – an leading advertisement agency specializing licensing promotion.

Our site CharaBiz.Asia is a related website of CharaBiz.Com.
CharaBiz.Com is an unique database for character licensing business in Japan, runned by Characer Databank Co., Ltd., providing market research and strategy proposal with accumulated data and deep insight.

CharaBiz.Asia’s aim is to introduce news and information focused on Asia,  which is useful to licensor and licensee,  for the development of character licensing business.

CharaBiz.Asia will offer inspiring information, such as hot front-line news from Asian countries, market research and analyses regarding character business.

We hope character licensing business in Asia will expand more and to be more beneficial to you.

If you have any inquiry, feel free to contact us from here.
If you are to release service or campaign using popular characters, please send us a release from here.

● CharaBiz.Asia

Distributor:Tokyo Gets Co.,Ltd.
Established Year : 1998
Head Office: Tokyo, Japan
Branch: Taiwan, Hong Kong
Website: http://tokyogets.com/en/

● CharaBiz.Com  (Partner Website)

Distributor:Character Databank Co., Ltd.
Established Year : 2000
Head Office: Tokyo, Japan
Website: https://www.charabiz.com/


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