Chibi Maruko Chan × Niko and …: New collaboration at Seven Eleven Taiwan!  

The Japanese brands “niko and …” is collaborating with 7-ELEVEN Taiwan for the first time to create “Chibi Maruko” collab items, ranging from handbags, water bottles, neck pillows, lunch boxes, to storage baskets, magazine racks, perpetual calendars, and other small household items. This new campaign is running from April 9 to May 2.

“niko and …” is a Japanese fashion company that sells a wide range of lifestyle products, and has many stores across Asia. In this new collaboration with 7-ELEVEN Taiwan, the brand is also working together with the famous character “Chibi Maruko Chan” bringing many new items to fans.  All the items are available for exchanging through the 7-ELEVEN point collection.

This campaign is from April 9 to May 2, and for the first 4 days, all the items can be purchased directly. All the items are available for point exchange at all 7-ELEVEN stores across Taiwan.

Campaign Official Page:

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