“SAO” Game Series 10th Anniversary Project Launch & Commemorative Video!

Bandai Namco Entertainment has launched the “SAO” Game 10th Anniversary Project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the “Sword Art Online” game series. In addition, a video commemorating the 10th anniversary of the “SAO” game series, the culmination of the SAO game series scheduled to be released on October 5, on PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/STEAM® “SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection” latest PV is now released.

©2020 川原 礫/KADOKAWA/SAO-P Project ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

【Project Overview】
<“SAO” Game Series 10th Anniversary Video Release>
Released a commemorative video of the 10th anniversary that makes you feel the connection of SAO games.-“SAO Game Strategy Conference 2023- CONNECTING-” will be held-
“SAO Game Strategy Conference 2023 – CONNECTING -” will be held around this summer. Details such as the schedule will be announced on the official website and official Twitter at a later date.

<Sword Art Online Last Recollection Latest Trailer Released>
In the latest trailer, Lisbeth Silica appears in the game’s original Super Account form. You can enjoy images unique to the game that are different from the original and animation.

<“SAO” Game 10th Anniversary Project -The Igniting-” archive distribution>
On March 30th, “SAO” Game 10th Anniversary Project -The Igniting- was distributed on the SAO game official YouTube. Along with gorgeous guests, in addition to information on “SAOLR” and “SAOVS”, the first live broadcast of the game’s 10th anniversary, such as a corner to look back on the 10th anniversary of the SAO game and a special dubbing corner.
Performers: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Rina Hidaka, Hiroki Yasumoto
Futami Producer, Takeuchi Producer, Ueno Producer

【Product Overview】
Sword Art Online Last Recollection
Release date: October 5th (Thursday) *STEAM version is October 6th (Friday)
Genre: RPG
Platform: PlayStation®4/playStation®5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S/Steam
Number of players: 1 (4 online)
*Screens are from the development of the PlayStation®4 version and may differ from the actual product.
*Information is subject to change without notice after the announcement.

・”SAO” Game Series 10th Anniversary Project Official Site:https://sao-game.jp/special_index.php?ms_id=198
・”Sword Art Online Last Recollection” Official Site:https://lr.sao-game.jp/
・”Sword Art Online” Game 10th Anniversary Project PV:https://youtu.be/FvqdeCfDTyY
・”Sword Art Online Last Recollection” 2nd Story Trailer:https://youtu.be/g4xovP2rPgU
・”SAO” Game 10th Anniversary Project -The Igniting- Archive Distribution:https://youtube.com/live/Lq_x5TjPym8?feature=share

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