One Piece Exhibition is now in Genting Malaysia!

Luffy and the crew arrived in Malaysia for the first exhibition in Southeast Asia “the One Piece The Great Era of Piracy Exhibition Asia Tour” at Pavilion Hall in Skytropolis Indoor Theme park, Resorts World Genting, Malaysia.

This exhibition is not just about showcasing the FRP, artwork, or merchandise. It’s about celebrating the spirit of One Piece and the values it represents – friendship, perseverance, and the courage to chase your dreams. Visitors can experience the journey of the Straw Hats through interactive exhibits, authentic pirate artifacts and engaging multimedia displays. 

The zones include iconic events that took place in the One Piece world such as The Marineford Zone.  Life-size FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) sculptures of beloved One Piece characters such as Luffy, Katakuri, Yamato and many more are on display as well at the exhibition so fans can take photos with these iconic characters.

There are also multi-sensory interactive augmented reality (AR) games in enhanced zones throughout the venue, the games are made to fully immerse visitors by bringing the exhibition to life through modern day technology.

There will also be limited edition merchandise available for sale, allowing visitors to take home official One Piece merchandise, as well as unique souvenirs exclusive to the exhibition.

The One Piece Exhibition The Great Era of Piracy Asia Tour in Malaysia will be available From March 23rd to May 8th, 2023 with operating hours from 10am to 10pm. The tickets are currently on sale and can be purchased via their official website.

The One Piece Exhibition The Great Era of Piracy Asia Tour in Malaysia Official Site:

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