Gundam Hotel Rooms Return to Marriott Hong Kong As Part of Mecha’s 50th Anniversary!

Marriott Hotel is collaborating with the famous Gundam franchise, opening Gundam-themed rooms at the Ocean Park Marriott Hotel Hong Kong.

The campaign will be the same period as Ocean Park x Father of Gundam – Okawara Kunio 50th Anniversary Exhibition which is also taking place at Ocean Park from 1 April to 4 June. This means fans can enjoy all things Gundam from the moment they step into the park and end the day in a Gundam-themed hotel room. Any booking of the themed rooms will be presented with exclusive Gundam and Yatterman collectibles as well.

There will be three themed rooms in total featuring Gundam & Haro, Yatterman, and Votoms. Bookings for the rooms are currently open and prices start from HK$2,500, and will last from 5 April – 4 July. 

Marriott Hotels Official Site:
Ocean Park x Father of Gundam Info Site:

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