“Wonderfy” × “Pokémon Kids TV” collaboration 3rd Video Release

Wonderfy has released a new video “Light Up, Pikachu!3” on the Official Pokemon Youtube channel. 

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“Pokémon Kids TV” is Pokémon’s official YouTube channel that mainly distributes content for children, such as Pokémon songs, nursery rhymes from around the world, English and educational videos.

The quiz series, which fosters the ability to think, has released four videos so far, and is a popular content with a cumulative total of 7.27 million views. Among them, the first “Pika to Pikachu!(Light Up, Pikachu!) 1” has been especially well received, recording 5 million views on its own.

This video, the third in the series, tells the story of Pikachu on a submarine meeting various Pokémon living in the sea. Pikachu’s electric-type move turns on the lights of the submarine, illuminating some of the Pokemon hidden behind dark rocks. The ability to think logically and the ability to recognize figures are nurtured. This video was created with the aim of making it a work that can be easily challenged by families and that you will want to watch over and over again.

・「Pokemon Kids TV」:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0JJtRn2syic5xxavMKQ4Q
・「Pokémon Kids TV」 (English channel):https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgbfG5HoczHIkpzxLYH-8Ww
・「Pika to Pikachu3」:https://youtu.be/qIgQf8CXBAA
・「Light Up, Pikachu! 3」(英語版):https://youtu.be/72bHDRrD4Jk
・「Pika to Pikachu1」 https://youtu.be/YsgumnrORHE
・「Pika to Pikachu2」 https://youtu.be/8DKqa3wXpHg
・「Wonderfy」Official Site:https://wonderfy.inc/

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