Toei Animation started a new business in collaboration with The Sandbox and Minto

Toei Animation has announced that in collaboration with The Sandbox and Minto, on the blockchain-based metaverse “THE SANDBOX”, it will produce LAND in collaboration with the company’s IP.

THE SANDBOX has developed “LAND” (land on the Sandbox virtual space), with famous artists and characters from various countries, including the United States, and the know-how of Minto’s production on The Sandbox. By making the most of it, we aim to develop our world views and characters of our works that are loved not only in Japan, but also in Europe, South America, Asia, etc. on the Sandbox metaverse in 2023.

<Comments from each company about this initiative>
Toei Animation Managing Director Tomoji Shinohara
The newly born concept “Metaverse”. We, Toei Animation, has finally settled to this ocean. This time, I am very happy and reliable to have collaborated with The Sandbox and Minto as a partner. We believe that this “fleet”, which has been organized, will surely accomplish the route and new continent discoveries that will be a guideline for the entertainment industry in the future.

What kind of adventures and characters we have created so far will be spinning the story and the story? I’m not really looking forward to it.

The Sandbox Coo and Co -founder Sebastien Borget
In my life, there was always Toei animation IP. I am happy, and I feel responsible for tightening my body and having to emit good content to the world. I think this partnership will remind you many times during your life.

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