“Emo Kyun” series and Thank You Mart will collaborate for the first time in early February

Elsonic, which operates “Thank You Mart”, will sell limited items using the design series “Emo Kyun” featuring popular Sanrio characters at Thank You Mart stores nationwide and the official online shop in early February. 



Sanrio’s “Emo Kyun” series is a design with cute eyes and a precious design that makes you feel emo and Kyun. Characters such as “Pochacco”, “Hangyodon”, and “Bad Batsumaru” will appear.

The cute Sanrio characters with their plump eyes and pastel-colored hearts are the perfect design for this season, when there are events such as Valentine’s Day and White Day. From interior items that brighten up the atmosphere of a room, to miscellaneous goods that you can always carry around, stationery, and more. New items have also appeared, and all 19 items are limited items that can only be obtained at Thank You Mart.

The “Memo Pad”, which will be the first release of Thank You Mart, contains 30 memo pads of 3 designs, and a total of 90 memo pads that can be used plenty of times. The 80 x 80 mm size is perfect for writing notes on your desk, with a die-cut specification that is hollowed out in the shape of a character. The key holders with squishy gel beads are so addictive that you can’t help but keep touching them.

<Product line-up>

Memo pad / 390 yen excluding tax (429 yen including tax)
Gel beads key holder / 390 yen excluding tax (429 yen including tax)

The cute pen pouch made of clear material is large enough to hold correction tape and other large stationery items, making it a convenient pouch that allows you to carry all the items you need for school life together.
Size: Width 190 x Height 92 x Depth 65mm

Storage case / 390 yen excluding tax (429 yen including tax)
Clear pen pouch / 585 yen excluding tax (643 yen including tax)

The square pouch, which is also popular for travel, is now available in a highly cushioned, fluffy material. The large size makes it easy to use, and the soft material makes it a cute item that matches the world of Emo kyun.

Size: Width 200 x Height 200 x Depth 70mm
Square pouch / 780 yen excluding tax (858 yen including tax)

A tapestry that can completely change the atmosphere of a room is also available for the first time at Thank You Mart. An item perfect for promotion, where you can always look at the cute Sanrio characters.

Tapestry / 390 yen excluding tax (429 yen including tax)
Sticker / 195 yen excluding tax (214 yen including tax)

Sales start date: From early February, sales will be made in order of arrival for each store and item
Sales locations: Thank You Mart stores, official online shops, etc.
*The arrival status differs for each store. You can check the latest arrival information on each store’s Twitter account.
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

・「Thank You Mart」Official Site:https://www.390yen.jp/
・「Thank You Mart」Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/thankyoumart/
・「Thank You Mart」Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/thankyoumart
・「Thank You Mart」Official TikTok:https://www.tiktok.com/@thankyoumart
・「Elsonic」Official Site:http://www.elsonic.co.jp/

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