Demon Slayer: Total Concentration Exhibition coming to Malaysia!

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Total Concentration Exhibition is coming to Malaysia in 2023, brought to you by ACO MEDIA, Metalive World, Muse Communication, and Mediasphere Communications.
The exhibition will take place at Pavilion Bukit Jalil, 2nd Floor, from 18 February to 18 May 2023. The content and concept is based on the exhibition back in Japan and Taiwan. Additionally, you can get character merchandise exclusive to this exhibition, featuring new art from Ufotable.

The exhibition features a 1:1 Nichirin Sword, a detailed introduction to the Demon Slayer Corps uniform and members, a special mechanism to create the Infinity Castle effect in the House of Demons, a 9-meter screen showing the battle of Mount Natagumo, and an over-the-top illustration by Mr. Akira Matsushima. There will also be newly added zones dedicated to the characters of Shinobu and Kanao.

The exhibition will be open daily from 18 February to 18 May 2023, from 10 AM to 10 PM. Learn more about the exhibition via ACO Media’s Facebook and Instagram.

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