The second “Bufferin” × “BT21” campaign is underway!

From November 1st, Lion is conducting the “Bufferin BT21 2nd Campaign” by Bufferin and “BT21”.



In this campaign, “SEASON’S GREETINGS CARD MAKER”, which allows you to create greeting card images of Bufferin and BT21, will appear on the campaign site. In order for Buffalin and BT21 to survive the cold winter, BT21 characters will deliver love with cute visuals to everyone who suffers from pain such as headaches and menstrual cramps. If you make a greeting card and apply, you can be one of the 1,250 winners of original goods by BT21 and Bufferin.

【Campaign Overview】

Bufferin BT21 2nd Campaign

Period: November 1st (Tuesday) 10:00 to December 26th (Monday) 17:00

How to apply: After participating in the “SEASON’S GREETINGS CARD MAKER” on the campaign site, select your favorite prize from 3 types of original goods by BT21 and Bufferin, enter the necessary information on the application form and apply, and a total of 250 people will be drawn by lottery. Win the desired prize in your name. In addition, as a double chance, 1,000 people will win a multi-case by lottery from among those who did not win the A to C prizes.

*You can participate without purchasing the product.

Winning Announcement: The winner will be announced when the prize is shipped. Prizes will be shipped after mid-February 2023.



Prizes A to D from left to right

■Prize A: Acrylic wall ornament set of 9 types (50 people)
①Common to 8 types within W100 x H150mm
②1 type only within W200 x H150mm
 * With storage case
Material: Acrylic 3mm thick, ball chain

Exclusively designed for this campaign. The heart motif with the desire to “deliver love to everyone” is eye-catching. Hang it on the wall of your room or attach it to your bag. It’s cute and soothing even if you decorate it while it’s in the storage case.

■Prize B: Tote bag (100 winners)
Exclusively designed for this campaign. A large size that can hold plenty of usual luggage and items. It also has a pocket for small items.

Size: Main body / approx. 440 x 330 x 160mm Handle/Approx. 25 x 700mm
Materials: Cotton, leather, etc.

■Prize C: 2-Way Blanket (100 winners)
A design limited to this campaign with a motif of hearts and snowflakes. A feeling of size that wraps around the shoulders and knees. A 2-way type that can be used as a poncho by pressing the button.

Size: About W1,400 x H1,000mm
Material: Polyester fleece

■Double Chance: Multi-Case (1,000 people)
 *Applicable to unsuccessful winners of Prizes A to C.
A multi-case with a limited design for this campaign that is perfect for carrying small items.

Size: Φ50×H14mm
Material: Iron, ABS resin, acrylic


You can create your own original greeting card image on the campaign site. Select one BT21 character art, select the background screen, select the message you want to convey, and enter the name to complete the image. KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, and VAN will deliver love with cute visuals, each wearing or holding a bright red heart. In addition to seasonal greetings, there are also messages that convey gratitude and love, so you can send warm messages to various people such as partners, family, and friends. The completed image can be downloaded and shared as a wallpaper or on SNS. After participating in “SEASON’S GREETINGS CARD MAKER”, you can apply for the gift campaign.

Period: November 1st (Tuesday) 10:00 to December 26th (Monday) 17:00
Participation method: Participate from the campaign site

・“Bufferin BT21 2nd Campaign” Site:
・”BT21” Official Twitter:
・”Bufferin” Official Site:

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