Morinaga Biscuit Sandwich collaborates with “SPY × FAMILY”!

From October 10, Morinaga & Co. will launch a collaboration campaign between “Biscuit Sandwich”, an ice cream sandwiched between moist biscuits and simple rich vanilla, and “SPY x FAMILY”, which started broadcasting the second part anime from October.  

©Tatsuya Endo/Shueisha SPY×FAMILY Production Committee

In this collaboration, three types of limited packages that feature close-ups of the facial expressions of the three characters “Lloyd”, “Yoru”, and “Anya” appearing in “SPY x FAMILY” will be released. Two of them are designed specifically for this collaboration. The surface is a close-up of the facial expressions of the three Forger family members in the work, matching the “x” of “SPY x FAMILY”. The gentle expression shown to the family and the serious expression during work are drawn. On the back side, one of “Frankie”, “Becky”, and “Mr. Henderson” introduces the charm of biscuit sandwiches with unique personalities. Also, somewhere in the package, various variations of “hidden Anya” are lurking with lines.

We are also conducting a Twitter campaign to present “Anya’s Penguin Plush Cool Bag” to one person by lottery.

In addition, a campaign will be held to win “USB with original voice” and “Original drawing QUO card” by purchasing the target product. The original voice contains the original lines of this collaboration.


・”Anya’s penguin stuffed animal cooler bag” gift

Application period: October 10th (Mon/holiday) to 16th (Sun) 23:59

How to apply: Follow the Morinaga Ice Cream official Twitter account and SPY x FAMILY anime official account, retweet the target tweet and complete the application.

Prize: Anya’s penguin stuffed animal cooler bag (with limited voice) (1 winner by lottery)

<Anya’s Penguin Plush Cooler Bag>

A cool bag that reproduces the large stuffed penguin that Lloyd gave to Anya in the work. It has a total length of about 40 cm, and you can put things in and take out from the zipper on the back. Also includes an original voice by Lloyd,Yoru, and Anya. When you press the sensor on the left hand, a random voice will flow. The voice includes 12 types of original lines from this collaboration. Lloyd soothes Anya with ice cream, Anya asks for ice cream, and Yoru spoils Anya, and the voices give a glimpse of the Forger family’s affair with ice cream.

・ “USB with original voice” and “Original drawing QUO card” present

Application period: October 10 (Mon/holiday) to December 27 (Tue) 23:59

Application method: Upload the receipt for purchasing the target product to the application form and apply for the desired prize.

・ USB with original voice: You can apply by purchasing 3 or more target products.

・ Originally drawn QUO card: You can apply by purchasing one or more target products.

Target products: Biscuit sandwich “SPY x FAMILY” collaboration package and regular package


・ USB with original voice with biscuit sand type secret case (100 people by lottery)

In addition to the same 12 types of original voices as “Anya’s Penguin Plush Cooler Bag”, limited voices for Lloyd, Yoru, and Anya’s interaction, 2 types of image data of the design used for the biscuit sandwich limited package, PC A USB that stores the wallpaper drawn by the edition. In the dialogue voice, there is also a scene where Anya is mean to Lloyd and loses heart. It is delivered “hidden” in a food sample-like case that is so elaborately made that it can be mistaken for a real biscuit sandwich.

・ Originally drawn QUO card for 300 yen x 2 types (600 people by lottery)

A QUO card with a full-body picture version of a newly drawn design used for limited packages. A set of 2 designs, a daily version and a spy version (300 yen x 2 pieces).

・「Biscuit Sandwich SPY x FAMILY Present Campaign” Special Site:

・Morinaga Ice Cream Official Twitter:

・「SPY×FAMILY」Anime Official Twitter:

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