Christy Ng × Hello Kitty’s Latest Collaboration!

Fashion brand Christy Ng recently announced its exciting collaboration with none other than Hello Kitty. This new collection is divided into four mini collections, with designs released all throughout the month of September.

Christy Ng Shoes is a shoe brand originated from Malaysia. The brand aims to fill the gaps in the shoe market for the need of comfortable and stylish footwear for Asian women. From Christy’s personal experience of having to purchase shoes with of inferior quality because of the price tag, she has made it her focus is to design shoes that are comfortable, affordable, and fashionable.

The Christy Ng x Hello Kitty is a limited edition collection designed with the young at heart. Hello Kitty is adorable. She is fun. She is cute. And she is the world’s most famous friend. Hello Kitty is a global icon, loved by millions. Her charm and appeal have crossed generations, allowing her to fill homes and hearts with joy and delight. We have designed an adorable and bright-coloured collection that is both functional and easy to style — perfect for any occasion or outfit.


This exclusive collaboration with Hello Kitty features not only the renowned original character from Sanrio, but also other fun and cute elements in the iconic Sanrio style, fashioned into various creatively designed prints that are sure to add a pop of colour to your day.

Christy Ng x Hello Kitty Collaboration Official Site:

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