Doraemon’s 1st Overseas Exhibition Heads to National Museum of Singapore!

THE Doraemon Exhibition Singapore 2022 makes its debut outside Japan at the National Museum of Singapore, from 5 November 2022 to 5 February 2023.

Presented by LEYOUKI, with support from the National Museum of Singapore, the exhibition will bring together a selection of contemporary artworks that reinterprets Doraemon in our changing world and showcases its cultural impact in contemporary history. The works will be presented together with original drawings from legendary manga artist, Fujiko F Fujio.


Since its birth in 1970, Doraemon has been capturing the imagination of audiences across the world and this exhibition invites visitors to consider their own personal memory of Doraemon, and how one of the mosticonic Japanesese characters has grown with them over the years.

What to expect

The upcoming presentation at the National Museum will be its first-ever edition outside of Japan. The exhibition showcases Doraemon through the lens of 28 leading contemporary Japanese artists and arts groups, whose artworks respond to the theme of “Create Your Own Original Doraemon”. The exhibition will feature distinctive artworks that present the artists’ memories of Doraemon and their take on Japan’s beloved icon, through a mix of ideas, mediums and techniques that include paintings, sculptures, graphics and photography.

A selection of Fujiko F Fujio Museum’s prized original drawings and sketches by the late Mr Fujiko will also be on display in a special dedicated feature titled “MANGA DORAEMON Original Drawings Exhibition”, a first-ever public showcase in Asia of the original Doraemon creator’s inventive and formative illustrations.

In commemoration of the first global offshoot of The Doraemon Exhibition, visitors and collectors can also look forward to an exclusive line-up of Doraemon merchandise, including the Fujiko F Fujio Museum’s and uniquely Singapore versions of original Doraemon collectibles.

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