“Cinnamoroll” 20th Anniversary! Fashion event held in Harajuku!

From October 8th to 30th, the first place in the Sanrio Character Awards in 2022, “Cinnamoroll”(nickname: Cinnamon), is commemorating his 20th anniversary. Cinnamon will serve as a navigator so that people of the generation who have been familiar with cinnamon since childhood can freely express themselves through fashion and enjoy fashion more in their own way. The ”HARAJUKU GENDERLESS & FREE FASHION WEEK” will be held in Harajuku, Tokyo.

In this fashion week, various cultures such as fashion take root in Harajuku, a city that recognizes diversity. Laforet Harajuku will hold a fashion show “Soranway” and a photogenic space inspired by the sky. We plan to set up a “Sora Room” where anyone can easily enjoy nail experience. In addition, we will collaborate with various fashion brands so that you can enjoy your own fashion in various places in Harajuku.

Prior to October’s fashion week, general participants for the fashion show “Soranway” started on Instagram and Twitter from August 29th. Together with “Cinnamon” this autumn, we will provide time to express yourself and take a new step forward.

“Cinnamon” is a boy, but he wears ribbons on his ears and clothes to make himself fashionable. However, the generation that has been familiar with cinnamon since childhood, even though there are many fashions around them, is worried about whether they are out of place compared to the people around them. He spends his days with the feeling that he wants to have something that he doesn’t wear.

Therefore, “Cinnamon” will become a navigator of Harajuku so that people who have grown up with “Cinnamon” can step out of the dilemma they have while wanting to be themselves and accept diverse values. He decided to hold a fashion week with everyone in town.

Baku Idegami, a genderless model who resonates with the feelings of “Cinnamon”, will participate as a guest ambassador. Laforet Harajuku 6th floor “BE AT STUDIO HARAJUKU” will hold a fashion show “Soranway” on October 8th that will affirm all those who want to enjoy fashion in their own way.

In “Soranway”, a general participation project called “Remote Runway” will also be held. From August 29th, we will start accepting  fashion show videos where you can walk around your home or favorite place as a “virtual runway” without worrying about the public eye, wearing fashion that expresses yourself.

In addition, during the Fashion Week, Laforet Harajuku 2F will set up a “Sora Room” where you can experience nail art where you can meet new “likes” in a space inspired by the photogenic sky. In addition, about 40 brands that open stores in the Harajuku area will plan fashion items and food with the theme of “Cinnamon”, develop collaborations on an unprecedented scale at the time of the event, and sell them for a limited time only. A POP UP shop of the brand “BAAKU” produced by guest ambassador Baku Idegami will also open in Laforet Harajuku, and collaboration goods with “Cinnamon” will also appear.

During the fashion week, Cinnamon will propose a large number of free fashions without boundaries and barriers.

“Wear what you like. Fashion Week HARAJUKU GENDERLESS & FREE FASHION WEEK”

Dates: October 8th (Sat) to 30th (Sun)

Venue: Laforet Harajuku (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), Harajuku Takeshita Street Shopping Association (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), Kiddy Land Harajuku (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), BEAMS Harajuku (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), etc.

Contents: Soranway (fashion show), setting up Sora Room (genderless room), fashion brand collaboration, etc.

Participating brands: a. axes femme, Angelic Pretty, Ank Rouge, BAAKU, BEAMS, CAFE CREPE, Chipoon, F i.n.t, GOODGLAS, Guzman y Gomez, HEIHEI, Jamie ANK, Kawaii☆Stars, KINGLY MASK, LAND by MILKBOY, LIBERTY TOKYO, smartphone app “LINE Play”, Liquem, M me eme, Maison de FLEUR, merry jenny, Metamorphose HARAJUKU, MIHO MATSUDA, MILK MILK MILK!, NILE PERCH, QOOZA, RAVEL Creators Market, ROJITA, sanrio vivitix HARAJUKU, smartphone app “SHOWROOM” , THICC, white clover, Casio Computer, Kiddyland Harajuku store, KThingS, Harajuku friend / smartphone app “HARAJUKU”, Harajuku Takeshita Street Yuchikuan, Harajuku Takeshita Street Shopping Association, Marion Crepe, Murasaki Sports, etc.


Whether you like yourself or not is more important than whet

her it suits you or not.

Let’s accept each other’s freedom and individuality more without being bound by stereotypes.

You are free to be yourself. There’s “Cinnamon” with Sora.

“Wear what you like. Fashion Week” will start in Harajuku, where you can enjoy, discover, and release your favorite fashion to your heart’s content.

【Comment from Baku Idegami】​

Hello everyone. I’m Baku Idegami, and I’ll be participating in this event as a member of the “Wear what you like. Fashion Week” campaign to spread the word about this event to as many people as possible.

I have no gender, and I love doing gender-neutral fashion.

Even with the apparel brand “BAAKU” that I launched myself, I propose fashion that fits each heart and can be enjoyed regardless of gender.

I feel that this “Wear what you like. Fashion Week” is a very meaningful event as a place where you can affirm and propose free fashion that is not bound by gender or anything else.

I am very happy to be able to participate with Cinnamon, who has free thinking like myself.

Cinnamon and everyone can enjoy fashion more freely through this event! I want to make it an opportunity for you to think.

Event name: Fashion show “Soran Way”

Date and time: Saturday, October 8, 13:00

Venue: BE AT STUDIO HARAJUKU (Laforet Harajuku 6F)

Performers: Baku Idegami, “Cinnamoroll” and others

Fashion show “Soranway” Stage Image

“#6 Tatami Runway” Campaign

Application period: August 29th (Monday) 0:00 to September 15th (Thursday) 23:59

Target SNS: Instagram or Twitter

Application method:

① Shoot a video of yourself wearing your favorite clothes at home or your favorite place

② Follow the official account in the SNS to post

③ Post a video with the hashtags “#6tatamirunway” and “#wearwhatyoulike”

After a rigorous review, multiple videos from the posted videos will be adopted for the fashion show event “Soranway”, and the participants of the fashion show will be decided on the day via remote broadcast and video.

*For other application rules, please refer to the official website of “Suki wo Kiru Fashion Week”.

・「Wear what you like. Fashion Week」Official Site:https://47mon20th.sanrio.co.jp/sukiwokirufw/
・「Wear what you like. Fashion Week」Official Instagram:https://instagram.com/sukiwokiru_fw 
・「Wear what you like. Fashion Week」Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/sukiwokiru_fw

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