Apeach and Ryan hits Gong cha Taiwan for another KAKAO FRIENDS Collaboration!

Gong cha is having a new collaboration with KAKAO FRIENDS in Taiwan starting from August 29. 

Founded in Kaoshiung, Taiwan (China SAR) in 2006, Gong cha is the fastest growing tea brand in Asia with over 1500 stores in over 20 regions worldwide, as well as being the first tea franchise to operate on a world-class luxury cruise liner, the Majestic Princess.

In this collaboration, buy any drink at Gong cha stores across Taiwan and you can enjoy a discounted price on a KAKAO FRIENDS co-branded merchandise. Recently, three drinks with peach flavor in love have been released: ice shake peach fruit tea, peach Hantian oolong tea, and peach drink, matching the design of KAKAO FRIENDS’ Apeach.


Gong cha Taiwan Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gong_cha_taiwan/?hl=zh-tw

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