Tower of Fantasy × WouldULike: Collaboration drinks with in-game items available now!

Tower of Fantasy partners with WouldULike Speciality Coffee to quench every Wanderer’s thirst for battle and adventure. Starting August 29, Wanderers can get hold of limited edition Tower of Fantasy themed cans by purchasing any cold/iced drinks from WouldULike’s branches in the Philippines or online store.

WouldULike is an innovative South Korean coffee chain that is now in the Philippines. Canning fresh drinks with every order. Famous for its innovative packaging yet flavorful specialty coffee, WouldULike grew to over 100 stores in South Korea in just 4 years. WouldULike Specialty Coffee started with a need: efficient drinks for a changing world – Rising Anxiety. Hyper-connected. Faster paced.

Anyone who buys the drinks will also get a free in-game item code containing 1 x Gold Nucleus and 5 x SR relic shard boxes for every drink purchase (maximum of three code redemptions per ToF account).

FAQ on the collaboration:

WouldULike Philippines Official Facebook:

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