HENNGE launches new campaign featuring 3 Ultra monsters!

From August 1st, HENNGE will carry out a campaign using Ultra monsters from the Ultraman series as image characters, with the aim of promoting security measures that companies should take, such as “anti-targeted attacks,” “non-PPAP,” and “non-VPNs”.

Aiming to accelerate the introduction of SaaS by companies, HENNGE has been running a campaign since March using Ultraman and Ultra Monsters as image characters. As the second part of this campaign, three new Ultra Appoint additional monsters (Alien Mefiras, Alien Zarab, Gomorra) and promote awareness of the SaaS authentication infrastructure (IDaaS) “HENNGE One”.

<Promoted Characters>
Countermeasures against targeted attacks/Alien Mefiras
Cyberattacks are getting worse and more sophisticated year by year, and there is no end to targeted attacks targeting companies. HENNGE One is Microsoft 365’s targeted attack countermeasure. Protect your enterprise from advanced malware, easy to introduce with reasonable price and API linkage.

*Associated with increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, we selected Alien Mephilas, who has high intelligence.

Non-PPAP / Zarab Alien

PPAP, which sends a compressed file (ZIP file) and password separately by email, encourages malware infections such as Emotet. HENNGE One, a non-PPAP solution, can improve security without sacrificing user convenience.

*In connection with the “spoofing mail”, we selected Alien Zarab who can disguise himself as a fake Ultraman.

Many companies use VPNs to remotely access on-premises software environments that remain on-premises. HENNGE One solves VPN issues such as increased traffic due to excessive access and security risks. Seamless cooperation between cloud and on-premises is also realized.

*We selected Gomorrah, which has the alias of “ancient monster”, likening it to the old VPN, which has been pointed out to have many issues regarding remote access.

【Campaign Overview】
Ultra Experience Campaign

Period: August 10th to December 31st

Contents: HENNGE One 30-day free trial

Target: Corporations with 100 or more employees using Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

*May not be available depending on other companies in the same industry, usage environment, etc.

Benefits: HENNGE & Ultraman original novelty gift

Application: From the special site

<Transportation Advertisements>
Along with the implementation of the Ultra experience campaign, we will carry out transit advertisements in the following media.

・JR Tokyo/Shinagawa/Shinbashi/Hamamatsucho/Tamachi/Osaki station platform doors (September 2 – 25)

・JR Tokyo Station Digital Passage (September 19 – October 2)

・Osaka Metro Umeda Station (September 19 – 25)

・Osaka Station Underpass East-West Passage Digital (September 12 – 18)

・Hankyu Umeda Long Set (September 12 – 18)

・Nagoya Subway Nagoya Station Big Wall (September 5 – 18)

・Cityscape Fukuoka (August 29 – September 11)

・Cityscape Hiroshima (August 29 – September 11)

・Campaign “Conspiracy Spoofing Mail” Edition:https://hennge.com/jp/special/ultraman/mefilas.html
・Campaign “VPN spread from ancient times” edition:https://hennge.com/jp/special/ultraman/gomora.html
・Campaign “Approaching Targeted Attack” Edition:https://hennge.com/jp/special/ultraman/zarabu.html
・「HENNGE One」Official Site:https://hennge.com/jp/service/one/
・「HENNGE」Official Site:https://hennge.com/

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