De Project: KAKAO Friend’s Ryan Car Air Fresheners Released!

Korean Air Freshener brand “De: Project” just released a new collaboration with the famous KAKAO Friend’s Ryan the bear with the new item “De:Project Car Air Freshener – Black Ryan”. 

De:Project a Korean premium brand, and the name is a combination of words ‘design’ and ‘project’. We provide creative design solutions that can be remembered for a long time by applying individuality and sensitivity to objects that are easily encountered in daily life. The research of De: Project to breathe life into things through design will continue in the future.

For this new collaboration, the new Black Ryan air freshener will feature the cute head of the character with diamond-inspired design for a unique and luxurious touch. There is also a golden crown on the head as well to show the richness of the design. You can attach the air freshener anywhere in your car to add this cute and kingly touch to it.

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