“Licca-chan” has been appointed as a Hare no Kunist to spread the charm of Okayama Prefecture!

On July 15, Okayama Prefecture welcomed Ms. Rika Kayama, also known as “Licca-chan”, as a “Hare no Kunist” in order to spread the charm of Okayama Prefecture throughout Japan and around the world. 

In this project, “Licca-chan” will visit Okayama Prefecture during her appointment until March 31, 2023. Let “Licca-chan” discover Okayama Prefecture in “Oh! Kayama”.

At the inauguration ceremony of the Okayama Prefecture Charm Discovery Promotion Division Hare no Kunist, which was held online with the Okayama Prefectural Government and a special venue, Governor Ryuta Ibaragi of Okayama Prefecture issued a letter of commission to “Licca-chan”. He gave words of encouragement saying, “Discover the surprises and impressions of Okayama, and spread the charm of it to many people.”

In addition, to commemorate the appointment of Hare no Kunist, the “Monthly Wonderful Campaign” where you can win local products and original Licca-chan goods every month has started. Through the application, “Licca-chan” may introduce the charm of Okayama that will surprise you with “Oh!” on SNS and videos. 


◆Project Overview
(1) WEB campaign “Okayama gift campaign that I want Rika to do 〇〇”

[Application period]

  1.  I want Licca to eat it! Okayama (July 15th to October 20th)

② I want Licca to visit! Okayama (October 21 to February 20, 2023)

Application method: Enter from the dedicated WEB application form on the special site

Lottery/Prizes: About 10 people each by lottery 7 times a month during the period ・Okayama specialty products 


(2) Twitter campaign “#Licca-chan enjoy Okayama follow & quote tweet campaign”

Application period:

・I want to enjoy Okayama with Licca

1st: July 15th to September 30th

2nd: October 1st to November 30th

3rd: December 1st to January 31st, 5th year of Reiwa

How to apply: Follow the official account above on Twitter, write the charm of Okayama that you want to enjoy with Rika in the campaign announcement tweet, and quote it.

Lottery/prizes: 10 people each by lottery 3 times during the period ・ Original design Licca-chan goods


<AR photo frame>

An AR photo frame “Wonderful Photo Frame” has been set up on the special site where you can take pictures with Licca at various places such as tourist attractions in Okayama Prefecture.


<Wonderful Map>

A “Wonderful Map” has been set up on the special site, where Licca-chan visits and part of the charm of Okayama that everyone wants to teach Licca-chan is put on a map. 


≪Licca’s comment≫

I’m Licca Kayama, and I’ve been appointed a “Hare no Kunist” by Governor Ibaragi.

Licca doesn’t know much about Okayama yet, but from now on, I will make many surprising discoveries that will make me say “Oh!”

I would like to help spread the charm of Okayama to the whole country.

Everyone, please tell Rika about various wonderful places in Okayama♡

I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of wonderful things I can meet! 


・「Oh! Kayama Licca in Wonderful OKAYAMA」Special Site:https://8092-okayama.jp/wonderful/
・「Okayama gift campaign: I want Rika to do 〇〇」: https://8092-okayama.jp/wonderful/webcp/
・「#Enjoy Okayama with Licca Follow & Quote Tweet Campaign」:https://8092-okayama.jp/wonderful/snscp/
・AR Photo Frame「Wonderful Photo Frame」:https://8092-okayama.jp/wonderful/arphoto/
・「Licca」Official Site:https://licca.takaratomy.co.jp/
・「Licca」Official Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClaz9wnSX0DFN97FyeC7O9g

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