“Jagariko” × “Monster Strike” 4th Limited Time Collaboration

Calbee collaborated with the popular smartphone app “Monster Strike” provided by mixi’s XFLAG ™ to create the L size of the standard product “Jagariko Salad/Cheese/Jaga Butter/Mentai Cheese Monja Flavor”. From the end of June, we will switch to the limited-time collaboration package (scheduled to end at the end of September).

“Jagariko” and “Monster Strike” collaborations have been popular since 2018, with the desire to make them known to a wider range of people and convey the “fun” of the game.

This time, which is the fourth installment, the characters appearing on the lid will be switched between the first half and the second half, and a more varied design will be developed (the second half will be switched from the beginning of August). The target products are 4 L size products of “Jagariko Salad/Cheese/Jaga Butter/Mentai Cheese Monja Flavor”, and 8 popular characters including “Neo” will appear on the cup.

In addition, 25 characters are designed on the background of the cup this year. 100 different characters will appear on the lid in the first half and the second half, and a total of 200 characters will appear, the highest number ever during the period. In addition, each character comes with various messages such as cheering and gratitude, making it a perfect casual gift to convey your feelings to your family and friends.

A two-dimensional code is attached to the lid, and when you load it, you can download the message wallpaper of the character, and you can collect the collected wallpaper with “Jagariko Monster Strike Book”. In addition, we will also carry out a campaign to receive original goods and items that can be used in the Monster Strike app. Details can be found on the special collaboration page.


In addition, “Poteriko Car” operated by Calbee’s antenna shop “Calbee Plus” will appear in the Flapa stand village in the live entertainment show “XFLAG PARK 2022” that has expanded the world of games such as Monster Strike. We will sell “Poteriko”, which is the most popular product of “Calbee Plus”, and “Jagariko”, which is an original product with an illustration of Monster Strike.

*”Poteriko” is a hot snack with a new texture born from “Jagariko”.


<Product Overview>
4th limited-time collaboration “Jagariko Salad/Cheese/Jaga Butter/Mentai Cheese Monja Flavor” L size
・ You can enjoy the pleasant texture of “crispy at the beginning and crispy afterwards” with our unique manufacturing method. In response to the need to “want to eat a little more!”. A long and large L-sized product with a stick length that is chewy.

・ The package has a large character drawn for this time in the center, and you can see at a glance that it is a collaboration product. Gold is used for the lid in the first half, and the design is noticeable even in stores.

【Event Details】
Dates: Saturday, July 9th and Sunday, July 10th 

Venue: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1-8 Hall 

・”Jagariko” x “Monster Strike” 4th collaboration special page: https://www.calbee.co.jp/monst/
・”Monstaer Strike” Official Page: https://www.monster-strike.com/
・”XFLAG PARK2022” Official Site:https://event-info.xflag.com/park/2022/
・”Calbee Plus” Official Site:https://www.calbee.co.jp/calbeestore/

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