CHARMMY × KAKAO FRIENDS: Cute new luxurious accessories!

CHARMMY is having a new collection in collaboration with the beloved character group of KAKAO FRIENDS.   

CHARMMY (or Charmy) is a Thai fashion jewelry brand under the concept of “CIRCLE OF CHARM”, an enclave of endless charm and CHARMMY specializes in gold jewelry. Using 99.9% pure gold, CHARMMY’s jewelry has both sand and luster finishes, which are all handcrafted with high quality technology. Each design is unique with its own cuteness. Each design is unique with its own cuteness.


In this new collection, the charms come with cute designs of KAKAO FRIENDS, featuring heads of famous characters of the group. The heads are made of 99.9% gold. The price of each bracelet depends on the weight of the gold. Guarantee paper is also provided at the time of purchase for every customer.

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