Minion Designed Ice cream and Chewing Gum from Lotte released!

Lotte released “Xylitol Gum ENJOY” from the end of May, and “Mona King Vanilla (Minion)” and “Mona King Uji Matcha (Minion)”, which are packages designed for the popular character “Minion” from the animated movie “Despicable Me/Minions” series. “CUBE Assorted Bottle” is on sale for a limited time from June 7th. 

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From the delicious Monaka ice cream “Mona King” brand, the minion-designed packages “Mona King Vanilla (Minion)” and “Mona King Uji Matcha (Minion)” will be available for a limited time. Mona King can be enjoyed with the sense of unity between the smooth Monaka and the satisfying ice cream. There are 6 types of packages, 3 types each, designed with minions that eat Mona King. The illustration of Minions is also hidden on the back of the package.

There are 6 types of yellow bottle designs that designed the “Minion” of “xylitol gum ENJOY CUBE assorted bottles”. It is a four-kind assortment of popular carbonated drinks (soda, grape soda, lemon soda) with a banana shake flavor. You can enjoy a wide range of generations, from children to adults, by looking at cute designs and choosing the taste according to your mood and taste. The design of the bottle will change from autumn, and you can enjoy the taste of three popular carbonated drinks.

【Product Overview】
Mona King Vanilla(Minion)
Release date: Late May

Sales area: Nationwide

Contents: 160ml

Suggested retail price: Around 151 yen (tax included)

*This design is for summer only.

Mona King Match Green Tea(Minion)

Xylitol Gum ENJOY CUBE Assorted Bottles
Release date: June 7th (Tuesday)

Sales area: Nationwide

Contents: 122g

Price: Open price (estimated retail price around 820 yen (tax included))

*This design is limited to summer and autumn. Planning changes from autumn.

*Products planned and produced by Lotte based on a commercialization contract with NBC Universal Entertainment Japan. 

【Movie Info】
“Minions Fever”

Release date in Japan: Friday, July 15


Producer: Chris Meledandri (“Despicable Me” series, “SING”, “Pet”)

Director: Kyle Balda (“Despicable Me 3 Minion Escape” “Minions”)


A minion whose purpose is to serve the strongest and worst bosses. Why did they choose a boy glue as their boss? And how did Glu become a great villain who steals the moon? The answer was hidden in the 1970s! Involving a super unique new character, the starting story of Minion and Despicable Me is finally revealed!

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