Mister Donut Thailand × Gudetama: Exclusive mug cups!

Mister Donut Thailand just released a new collection of water mug with designs of the beloved lazy egg character Gudetama. The sale started from June 1 until July 31.

For these new collection, the mugs will resemble the world-famous character of Gudetama with him sitting down and doing many poses. On top of his head are donuts from Mister Donut such as classic chocolate, strawberry, and pon de ring. There are 3 designs in total.

The mugs are available on Mister Donut online Shopee store for 399 baht each and will be available until July 31 or until they run out.

Mister Donut Thailand Online Shop: https://shopee.co.th/shop/441432659/

Mister Donut Thailand Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MisterDonutThailand/

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